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Jennifer Jeffrey

Oooh, you've lost me here. All along, I've been salivating over your every step, but I just! Can't! Eat! Bananas!

But I'm glad you liked it. ;-)


Oh Jennifer, no bananas? What a tragedy. But these pink ones taste nothing like a banana, and the texture is different too. I bet if I blindfolded you and gave you a piece of this cake you would love it. ;-)


you sent me to heaven with that kind of description haha..i want to fly to Saigon now!


Well, I thought I was the only one who didn't jump on the pho bandwagon. Also it's nice to hear it from you. Someone can't come along and give you the dismissive "You just don't know how to eat it/appreciate it" schpeel. I've eaten many a bowl, and I just don't consider myself a convert either.

As for the banh chuoi you describe, It looks like a hybrid of something familiar from my youth and the sticky rice with pink bananas I buy on the streets of Bangkok. Nice.


these look simply delish. reminds me of all the nonya kuehs i love so much!

thank you for creating such an amazing photoblog of asia and its cuisine. im an avid reader of yours; being stuck in sydney for so long, i've forgotten how beautiful asia can be with its unique backward charms. these photos really strike a familiar chord within and brings up some wonderful memories.

keep eating & writing! :)


Amazing find your blog. I have bananas as a fond food. Apparently as a baby I had to be fed on well ripened bananas, as I suffered from celiacs desease. My mother had problems finding any bananas, as it was the time of the second world war and it was only due to her diligence that I think I survived, having weighed in at only 3lb 3ozs and not having today's medical advantages.

Pink is my favourite colour, and bananas one of my favourite fruits, but even so, would have to put my mind to devouring a pink banana.

Anyway thanks for your comments, I enjoyed reading about it.



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I'm trying to grow some Pink Bananas here in Italy!! If I'll ever have some fruits, I'll try to make this cake!!

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