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That Table with the phones on top was taken at the basement of the old Presidential Palace in Saigon. That area of the basement served as the command post of the failed presidents of the former Republic of South Vietnam.


Hmmm, apparently I should not assume that our readers, like us, ignore cultural attractions in favor of foraging when they travel. We didn't visit the Palace until well into our stay in Saigon, when a visitor dragged us. Really enjoyed it though - esp this room and an entertainment room on the first floor with its stopped-in-time, super-mod decor.


I was at Utapao Air Base, Thailand when Saigon was captured working as a USAF air traffic controller. It was a very busy day!
A lot of aircraft managed to take off and get to Utapao before Saigon collapsed. I received the Armed Forces Expiditionary Medal for Operation "Frequent Wind" - the evacuation of Saigon. This was later upgraded to the Vietnam Service Medal. So, I am a Vietnam Vet who has never set foot in Vietnam. War is strange....


jen maiser

I knew that too ... but leo got here first. I think I went there between lunch and snacks. :)


That is easy! The back room of Nuygen Co Ky's liquor store in Los


Sarge - interesting story. Thanks for sharing. Somehow I suspect this looks much like the back room of quite a few liquor stores in Little Saigon and elsewhere....

Jen - what, you didn't snack between snacks?

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