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Ah, if it ain't broke, why fix it?

And this: "Sellers and customers live together, shop together, and eat together." It's why I love markets (not to be confused with supermarkets).


Beautiful in pictures and words....

YM Yap

Hi Robyn. I am from Bandar Baru Sentul. I recall my mother coming back from the market one morning telling me that an expatriate couple were enjoying a bowl of laksa at the market. That must be you and David. Market like this is where people socialise to network and exchange info!


Julie - exactly! Or, if it needs some tweaking, then tweak it. Just don't get rid of the whole thing.
I'm with you on markets. Every day I've been to a wet market is a good one.

Saida - thanks very much.

Yap - too funny! Yep, I'm sure that was us. We visited the market 4 or 5 times for the article. There is something about that market that makes us love it. People were incredibly welcoming. We haven't been back since mid-Dec, so don't know what's happening vis a vis the move.... Say hi to your mom for us. If she sees us there again we'll buy her a bowl of laksa. :-)

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