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fulltime mom

there's a pakistani man selling tandoori and such in Melaka. it is called pak putra, and very famous with the locals. It is somewhere behind the jonker street area.


The tadoori oven looks great. I like naan dip in curry sauce. I see Aloo Gobi (potatoes and cauliflower) curry in the menu. The prices are cheap compared to Florida. An average Indian dish cost 8-12 USD and portions are small. Chinese is more affordable. My mom used to work for Tenaga in Masjid India area. I would hang around there sometimes. There were many Indian Muslims restaurants. I miss roti chanai.

Zac Hill

Hey y'all! I've read your KL blog for awhile now, but haven't posted because I was too busy stuffing my face. I've lived here in the city for ~5 months (working for a local media NGO) and *kind* of think it's got the best food in the world. Which is saying a lot, from a good ol' Southern boy from Memphis, TN.

But re: this one in particular: what's a good way to get here via mass transit? I've got to LRT basically everywhere and sort of orient myself around that axis regardless of where I am.

Feel free to send me an email, and thanks so much, both of you!

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