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Fabulous - that glass case full of mushrooms just looks brilliant!

Thank you.


i know one day i am going to say this: I MISS THAI FOOD! :D

Nova Bennett

that just makes my day.... thank you so much for once again makes me the happiest asian girl in the world Robyn .... that picture looks sooooo good.....

Precious Pea

Wow! Looks good! I will lookout for this on my next visit to Bangkok.

Jeffrey C

I've come over from Kirk's blog MMM-yoso and through your husband's wonderful photography and your great writing come to appreciate the wonderful cuisine of Southeast Asia. I tell my friends from Singapore and Malaysia how incredibly lucky they are to have had been exposed to that incredible amalgam of Indian, Chinese, Malay,etc. influences. I'll be looking forward to your next posts.


Angela - it tasted as good as it looks!

rokh - Thai food is easy to love ... we need regular doses to keep us happy.

Nova - you're very welcome!

Precious Pea - this was a first for us, and very memorable. Worth hunting down.

Jeffrey - welcome and thanks for the kind words. The food over here is indeed wonderful!


Does any one know what the thai name for coral mushrooms is? Or have a picture of one?

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