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Those don't look like shiitakes. What are the normal varieties of fresh mushrooms used in M'sia?

Beautiful pics, as usual.


I have just died.

This is, without doubt, the one dish I miss most in Malaysia. It's simple and yet I could eat this almost everyday and be happy. I love the fat noodles and even, the chicken feet. Growing up, my mom would get us the regular with charsiew and wontons while she always ordered chicken feet and mushrooms for herself. Smart woman that she was, she was saving all the good stuff for herself. I've since realized how good that stuff is (not saying charsiew and wontons aren't good).

Sigh...I am really missing home now. It's really self torture to visit your blog, and yet I keep coming back...


This is what I miss the most living in Canada. The "dry" style noodles in Chinatowns here serve it HK-style, quite different. I think part of the secret to the sauce is the quality of the dried shitake mushrooms & the thick black gooey soya sauce. I have come close to duplicating the taste in my own kitchen with "imported" thick black soya sauce from KL! Another great post!


Rien que la couleur de l'assiette tu te régales déjà....bravo


Nate - frankly I was paying more attention to the whole experience than to the mushrooms in particular. We will have to revisit this one. The fresh mushrooms most commonly available here are oyster and shiitake and enoki and, at a higher price point, cremini brown, button white, portobellos, various other Korean and Japanese varieties. Malay wet markets also have feather-like foraged shrooms in season.

Annie - yes, there is something very special about this dish indeed. I love char siew but the deep savoriness of the mushrooms was incredible. I never have taken a liking to chicken feet though. The texture puts me off.

Thanks Chris. Yes, the right dark soy sauce is key here.

Eleonora - merci, I think (my high school French fails me here). Welcome to EatingAsia!


Glad to see the Winson Berger did not finish you off!!!

I'm a regular visitor to KL and Penang (although I live in London).

I'll post a couple of my favourites shortly.

White On Rice Couple

What a beautiful bowl of goodness. I see all my comforts in a bowl. How much does 5 ringgets equate to in US dollars? What ever it is, I'm sure it's a deal.

crunchasaurus rex

Yummy..!! i wanna go home now..!


I used to frequent the Imbi area regularly and I am pretty familiar with the good food stalls there. I must have missed this one and will definitely try it when I am next there. Excellent write-up, as usual, with equally great pics!

Nova Bennett

it's like mie ayam in indonesian version i think.. maybe... lolz it looks very good... gotta make one...

Colon Cleanse Geek

Hope you can snag a few recipes those all look so wonderful:-)


yo, man...i thought it will 'trip', it's all right though if u guys are hungry... but i'll prefer my shrooms...

Kathy's Weight Loss Diary

Nice photographs, the food comes alive. And the food is pretty interesting. My family and I should try having that kind of meal sometime.


I came here searching for magic mushrooms, but damn it, its a dish. Anyone know where i can get magic mushrooms in malaysia?


I tot dis topic about psilocybin mushrooms, so called "magic mushrooms"... such a trap!

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