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The fried chicken loooks absolutely yummy... with the sweet chili sauce for dipping... that's heaven!


I have no idea whether or not it is authentic, but one of the best dishes of tom yum koong I've had was made with coconut milk. It made the dish so much richer, and it seemed as though the flavors and spices had melted into cream.

This place looks great- I'll have to get out there as soon as I figure out how to get there. -X


All dishes are my favorite. Here they don't serve tom-yam-goong with coconut milk--may be they don't want customer to misunderstand between tom-yam-goong and tom-kha-gai. It is common in Thailand that we serve tom-yam-goong with coconut milk, unless people ask for tom-yam-nam-sai--meaning no coconut milk.


mycookinghut - I just made myself hungry rereading the post! :-) With my fried (and grilled) chicken I prefer the spicy sour sauce in the back. But either way, it's a great fried bird!

Xander - Krung Kasem runs perpendicular to Thanon Nakon Sawan, near the klong (forgot the name). I understand that there is a bus that runs from Khao San to the Nang Leong neighborhood. Unfortunately there is no train, but you can take the BTS to Phaya Thai and catch a cab. The Royal Princess Hotel is very nearby.

Thip - thanks for the info. Tom kha gai is another favorite ... next trip. ;-)


Hi, what a wonderful post. I'll be in Bangkok the 25th of this month but, for only that day. I am not familiar with the address could you please help me with how to find this place. I really would like to try tom yum koong with coconut milk, it sounds wonderful. Jon


Fabulous story and photos. Inspired me to Google Isaan to find out more.

Your posts seem so "alive" to me. They are so vibrant - like a video, if that makes sense :) I love them - highlight of my day! Thank you.

rachel dunby

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Mama BoK

Awesome pictures.. and review.. but i expected nothing less tantalizing.


awww, now i found a restaurant i really want to eat, i love isaan food, and i am no longer going back bangkok! help!

Bill W, NH, USA

Just happened upon your wonderful site. I was stationed at Nakhon Phanom (about as Issan as it gets) from early 1973 to early 1975 and found Issan food much to my liking. Just about every night I dined on Lob, Cow Nio, and Somtum, all prepared by my matronly land-lady. I know, sounds boring, but it just seemed right and that's what was on the table (floor) and I never tired of it. But, I also developed a strong liking for Tom Yum Goong and had it for a late night snack after consuming many beers. I had it all over town and never did it have any coconut milk in it. I think I'd like it that way though. Thanks for a great site!!! I'll be visiting often.


I've been to Thailand a few times and love it. The shopping, the food and the nightlife are magnificent. I appreciate the tips you've given on your site, cause I want to go back again soon and enjoy it all over again.


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