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Yup, if properly made, it really is 'without rival'. Reading discussions about this on other food blogs, no one seems to know who introduced this in the Philippines -- but everyone agrees its now more popular over there than in its 'assumed' country of origin (France).

White On Rice Couple

Oh gosh, just the word "buttercream" is sexy. I just want to lick my computer screen right now!

Nate 2.0

Sans rival is mighty dangerous! Better go see your cardiologist after this trip.


renato - yes, the origin of sans rival seems to be a mystery. I haven't found anything written about it. It is really wonderful, though, my ultimate dessert.

WoR Couple - and this buttercream is probably more so than most, bec it's mostly butter (no confectioner's sugar, as in an American buttercream frosting).

Nate - I counterbalanced the sans rival with lots of healthy fish. ;-)


Robyn, Am so glad you got to taste and discovered our "Sans Rival," my favorite of all favorites. It was even our wedding cake! Looking forward to your coming blogs.

Macky Calo

My mom and I are really flattered with your article. I have never looked at our sans rival cake that way before! I guess it's because I grew up with all those cakes and pastries, and have my own favorites.
I can't wait to read the rest of the articles about your gastronomic adventures in Butuan.
And yes, I plan to have my sugar ang cholesterol levels checked next month, as a birthday gift to myself.
Thank you so much for this!
I hope to see you again in the Philippines!


Hi there! I am from Butuan City, and like Macky said, we don't look at Sans Rival that way. My personal favorite is the Cappuccino Brownie. Now, I really need to give that Sans Rival a second look... or second helping. Cheers!


I was in Butuan City from March 18 to 31 and visited Margie's several times. Can't wait until the next trip!!


Wow, my fave of all cakes!! As I was little, I couldn't wait till Mummy baked the cake and me, staring at the oven and somehow wanted to licke the very hot oven door!
I can still remember the taste of buttercream, crunchy cake and the sweeteness!!! Ok, so just right now I want to fly back to Manila and buy a bunch of Sans Rival!! ... or the whole bakery! :)

maricel hirtz

i would say! all the cake from margie's kithchen is really good...when i was working in the margie's bakeshop...lot of people ordered that kind of cake named sans rival...!!!


true, margie's sans rival is irresistible, i could eat a whole of it in 2 days yummmy

Red Ribbon Bakery

Well, this sans rival cake really looks so delicious! It makes me craving for that. Wish I can go there to personally taste that cake. Anyway, I enjoyed reading this post. Thanks for sharing! Keep it up!



Oh sans rival, there is indeed no rival!

They can have their cheesecake, their mousse, yes, even the current cupcake rave in LA, I'll take that sans rival anytime!


how to bake/make that sans rival??
wish to taste it...

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