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Oh yes! I remember this meal from three years ago, and ooooh. Was it good! Thank you for bringing back a great memory!


Just delicious! I can't wait to go back there!


i guess Pinoys and the Balinese are not at all different when it comes to pork!


Oooh, Ibu Oka. Yes, babi guling was definitely the highlight of our Bali trip. Loved sitting on those little verandahs, having our meal. We were hunting for babi guling wherever we went, much to the amusement/chagrin of my in-laws. We just had Petaling Street siew yoke (for Qing Ming season). I guess that's not a bad substitute!



The Chinese in Malaysia appreciate roasted pork as much as the Pinoys and the Balinese.

I took Rolly and his wife for a sample when they were here. :) They loved it!


Totally agree with Brett that Wong Kee's roast pork belly in KL should be in top 5. A great porky treat when you can't get your hands on Ibu Oka's babi guling.


thanks for mentioning my name in the

you made my mouth watering.

It was a real nice piece, hope one day to taste it.


Wow, this brings back some memories. Its great you got a look in on how it was made. I never knew coffee branches were used.


Hi Bayi,

Isn't the Chinese preference to have blistered roast skin, though, rather than smooth roast skin?


I missed trying Ibu Oka's Babi Guling during my recent trip!! :( I would go back and make sure I try it next time :)

the Plastic Spoon

I LOVE indo! I have been 3 times and can't help but feel nolstalgic as I read your post. Nothing better than some good indonesian food, a large Bintang, and perfect surf for days upon days!


andre adhitya

the guy that you call bourdain,it is anthony bourdain,he's a celebrity tv chef,and he's going around this world just to try the local dishes,and i do like his tv show.i like with your post about babi guling in bali,and i am sure that you will love food from indonesia,even it is too spicy from some people.wait again for your post about indonesian food chef.

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