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I managed to make some virgin coconut oil this afternoon. Tried a spoonful of it and the aroma is amazing!!


i do realy respect you for the hard work just to make 1 litter of cuconat oil .......

all the proces of fire and filtring and separating plus time and the heat

my best regards to you and your wife .

traditionelle ways how to survive never dies .




I'm not sure I understand if the first time the cream and oil when strained are both (cream and oil) returned to the large to sit for five minutes then the curd and oil return to the small black pot. I'm pretty sure I might be over reading the instructions. Please clarify for me.


It seemed like a complicated processed.
My mother used the first squeeze of the coconut, heat it in a wok over a low heat to remove the water. You will then get then get a very nice flavourful coconut oil and a bit of crispy crust,which is traditionally used for a dish calle Mee Siam.
Adding water for a second squeeze of the grated coconut complicates the process!


Well, I guess this cook would say 'waste not want not' -- they want to get as much oil as possible from the coconut meat.
To each his own!

Kim Ong

I make my own coconut oil. However I do not add any water, because if add water need to boil longer. I let the by product cooked till golden brown, this way the oil more aromatic!

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