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Simon Seow

I can feel the heat but looking at the green sambal already.


Nice photos. The crunchy fried fish and brinjals looks delicious. I have not tried nasi padang. I like the Malay nasi campur brinjals which is fried and served with red chili sambal. I will be leaving from Florida to KL this Saturday. Can't wait to get there. It has been 4 years. Thanks for your wonderful post.

Tok Li

Whenever you're around Gombak/Bt Caves, do visit our restaurant in Taman Sri Gombak. We serve Nasi Padang at a very reasonable price.

A La Carte for Thai & Western cuisine starts at 5pm.


The sambal hijau looks delicious and so hot that eating the plate of rice could give one a burning sensation in the mouth for half an hour at least! :) Kapau ("ka-pow!") is the appropriate word!

Seriously, it's still like nasi padang, right? But the green sambal is something I would like to try.


Simon - I love the green sambal best.

Meng - guess you're in KL by now. Hope you're eating well. :-)

Tok Li - thanks for the info.

bayi - many of the dishes are similar to nasi Padang. The green chili dishes are a little different and there are a couple Kapau specialties: egg sausage, duck cooked with green chilies, for instance. These folks are friendly so I'd just go in and ask 'what's specially Kapau here?'

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