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I love Soontra! My favorite is the lemongrass and pandanus blend. It's the perfect tropical refreshment on a steamy Bangkok day. -X


Yeah that's a tasty juice! But more importantly, let's talk about iberry. It's a bit of an obsession. I go crazy for the durian flavor, which sadly has been missing the last couple of times I've been. Maybe I'll go this next weekend after the Songkran craziness has ended. Maybe I'll even have a Horlicks! What a great idea! Thanks.


Xander - I haven't tried that one, just can't ever tear myself away from passion fruit/beet juice. Next time, next time.

a - I've already made it clear that the fact that iberry has not expanded to Malaysia causes me deep distress. Yes, I know you live within easy reach of an iberry hit. But it's exceedingly unkind of you to rub it in. ;-P


WOW! I just tried Sontra last week after a coworker came back from her Bangkok trip and brought some samples. I've been looking for where to buy it online and get it shipped to the US. Am a sucker for passion fruit too, especially the yellow one. But tends to be pricey. About $65/lb. I found an online store that sells passion fruit in powder http://www.globalfusion.us/Passion-Fruit-Fiber-p-16216.html and seems to be good and reasonable priced.

Wondering if you guys know where to get good deals for Sontra over there?



Kit Marshal

I do agree with you that these bottled juices at the BTS stations are refreshing however, I am concerned with how much sugar and salt content is added, knowing the Thai love of both substances also concerned about possible MSG injections. Does anyone have any information? If so leave a comment at:

Bangkok Hotels, Thailand

That's sounds great!!! Maybe i must try it. Thank you for your advice.


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