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Wow. What a beautiful-looking dish that claypot is. I'm sold!


the next time i m goin to ipoh..i m goin to drive another car different from my parents so i can detour over here!

Mudzaffar Alfian Bin Mustafa

Was that ikan bawang (Onion fish :>)) or ikan baung of the mystus family http://www.ketengah.gov.my/kenyir/ikan/baung.htm . Anyway you are right it is of the catfish family.

Anyway have you heard of the legend of some Malay people of nearby Tapah cannot eat the Tapah fish as their descendants will get itchy skin. Not as famous as the Mahsuri legend but noteworthy I guess as it may be a reason why Tapah fish is rarely served in Malay food outlets.


Your opening pix. (the lady holding the big fish) looks like one of my relatives in Slim River !
I'll have to confirm this with my sources @ the
ground !Slim River is my hometown.

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