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Well real cucur badak used to have a shrimp pressed on top before frying and shrimp bits in the filling. So if you could imagine biting into the cucur with a bit of the fried prawn and more prawns inside, not to forget the prawn perfume from the cooking oil, then you will know how different this cucur badak is from the economic versions we have nowadays.

Good ones to be had nowadays should include those served in Restoran Soto Shah Alam in Section 8, a photo of which can be seen here http://shw.fotopages.com/13427930.html and another near my home in Bukit Anggerik Cheras in front of the Surau in the afternoons. There are other places so you really have to be adventurous in hunting the good ones down.


Just wanted to share how a real cucur badak should look like. http://i97.photobucket.com/albums/l212/elsyazw/cb.jpg . Although the accompanying recipe is in Malay I hope you can still try to make it. http://rafiqin.fotopages.com/?entry=1453742


Woops it seems Rasa Malaysia has a recipe in English for the real cucur badak. So enjoy.


Andrea Nguyen

Better late than never, Robyn and Dave. I've been dreaming of making them and I'm working on them right now! I think that it's a bit hard to keep the shrimp stuck in the dough during frying, so that may be why current renditions of the dumpling lacks the shrimp. The shell is slippery so it easily falls off the dough. I know, it lacks some charm but still tastes mighty good!

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