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Ha! Might work for turning a tied-up roast, too. But silicone hot pads or mitts would be better. More control, and more uses. And you can toss those in the dishwasher, too.

I just started my own silly gadgets series last week with training wheel chopsticks:


Found your blog just recently (can't remember how, sorry). Enjoying reading it!


They look like garden implements... might work well as weeders.

Or to make holes on a cake for sousing with liquer or milk as in tres leches.

Or as part of your devil costume for halloween. :-)


Hi Kitt - we don't do too many roasts here in Malaysia. ;-) Glad you're enjoying the blog!

Leah - yes, I thought of the devil costume thing too. Tried to get the cat to pose with one of these but he didn't like his devil horns.


useless kitchen equipment cracks me up every time. Remember those electric turkey shearers, dear oh dear. Ive been trying to tell people for years to make their thai curry pastes in a big mortar and pestle. 'Ahh but its so much quicker to whizz it in a blender, they cry'. Yes and inferior, besides who gets the last laugh when it comes to washing up. It goes for most of the 'slicy' type stuff. Sure you can cut an egg in 2000 pieces in one move, but youve got to clean 2000 fiddly little blades. Learn to use a knife. Once again I voice my culinary gripes on your website. Apologies!


luckyfatluke - I agree about mortar and pestle, though I have to admit that sometimes I do resort to the blender. And am never really satisfied with the result. Basil pesto pounded in a mortar is so much better than food processor stuff it's almost like apples and oranges.

And I agree about getting to know your knife. I rarely resort to my 22-year-old Cuisinart anymore although if I have 4 or 5 onions to roughly chop it does come in handy. But a knife and cutting board can take care of garlic etc in less time than it takes to get out, assemble, use, and then wash the mini chopper.

Dan Scither

haha, I have never seen a turkey turner, didn't know it existed! I love to cook!

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