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Oooh..I've always wanted to take a road trip down to Melaka and Penang for makan sessions!

I'll me emailing u soon. hope i get it :)


If only I had an opportunity to use it!

fulltime mom

Man! Just when I don't look into your blog a day, I miss the freebie. Anyway, will be looking out for the book in the MPH later this morning. Congratulations on this publication. I'm sure you are both very pleased.


I'm late the to game, but no matter, because I intend to actually buy a copy for the occasion. Congratulations, Robyn and Dave! So, so happy for you -- and so proud that our cuisine is being represented by folks who know what they're talking about!!


IN - sorry you didn't win. Better luck next time!

Kitt - sounds like a trip to Malaysia is in order...

fulltime mom - I'm not sure the guide is in stores yet. It's still advance order at Amazon.

Hi Jennifer - thanks! I must note however that the specific suggestions for WHERE to eat in the KL, Penang, and Melaka chapters are not ours.... :-(



I'm tickled to have been chosen to win one of the books. I promise to just look at the pictures. When we *do* get back to M'sia, we'll make sure to use your site for food suggestions!


Hi Robyn & Dave, Allow me to gloat and pat myself on the back! This is your 'winner' calling! Thanks a squillion and look forward to the prize and especially to my next vicarious yum-yum in the tum-tum entry here.

Warmest Regards

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