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Simon Seow

I didn't even know about this fruit in Malaysia. I'm so not Malaysian.


Well we do have sukun prepared in other ways than fried. We have pengat sukun prepared quite similarly as what you have done, but being a pengat as you may know it is more a sweet porridge.Another version is more like caramel glazed swimming in gula melaka.

Here is website in english showing three ways it is eaten locally.


nonetheless sukun is admittedly not so well known, probably because it is not so easily available. Captain Bligh probably forgot to make a pit stop here :>)


My grandma would fry them, and then glaze it with a sugar coating, like kuih keria. Very delicious


Simon - if you've ever eaten the deep-fried stuff from those roadside stalls, chances are you've eaten breadfruit.

Mudzaffar - thanks for the link and the info. We still need to get to Cheras to hunt down those cucur badak you mentioned...

Oniyon - that sounds incredibly delicious. I love kuih keria.


Hello, love your blog.
About breadfruit, we eat them as veggie too in Madagascar ( thinly sliced and deep-fried or cooked with meat) but also as a snack when ripe. But be careful because, when fully ripe it contains a high level of alcohol and can be eaten only cooked ( I tried to eat a raw piece once and got drunk...)

Edith Leigh

You've got some very creative and yummy looking recipes. I'll have to try some of them soon. Thanks. Cheers, Edith.

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