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It all sounds very delicious, particularly the Nihari.

Andie Summerkiss

The dishes looked very delicious and tempting. I have always loved Indian food - or anywhere close to there because of the richness of the flavor. They can't be described in words ..

Love the site. You take great photos.


mmmm looks a lot like piaya!

speaking of which, there's an upcoming indie romantic-comedy film that revolves around the passion of Negrenses for their cuisine....

Dave and Robyn: you must WATCH this! So next time, take a sidetrip to the Visayas...

the trailer:



Nate-this stall's food is fantastic but we seem to be the only non-Pakistanis partaking. A pity.

Andie - thanks. Cred to David Hagerman for the photos.

juls - thank for the link - my mouth was watering just watching the trailer. Wish it was going to be playing here....


Gosh, the dishes look positively delicious! I'll make sure to make a trek down to the restaurant when I'm visiting KL next time.


Pete-definately worth a trek, but don't expect a restaurant,just a small stall and a few tables in an alley. Nevermind, the food makes up for the lack of atmosphere. I'd be hard-pressed to choose betw naan and paratha ... better get both, and a chapati too while you're at it. ;-)


hi robyn,

i'll let you know if i get a copy. i'd be happy send one your way. :) and make your mouth water more ;)



Gosh darn I love your blog. It's so educational and really teaches us of the wonders of Asia. All your work much appreciated.

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Lahore is famous for its tasty food like Lahore Brost but food has become very expensive these days.

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