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Di Fara sounds very good indeed. However, for what its worth, if ever in Sydney be sure to head to Hugo's BarPizza (Kings Cross). John Lanzafame took his mastery to a worldwide competition held in NYC and took out the title with his pork belly and caramelised onion pizza. And it IS addictive!


gobsmackd - we hit Hugo's when we were in Sydney 2.5 years. Arrived very hungry and ready for a couple killer cocktails and ... it was undergoing renovations! Next time. However, Im not sure that, in the eyes of a born-and-raised New Yorker, a pork belly and caramelised onion pizza would qualify as 'real'. Luckily I'm a philistine when it comes to pizza so I would happily dig in.


I first heard about DiFara's a couple of years ago from a funny and wonderfully descriptive tribute to Dom on the blog of musician Mike Doughty.

A fun story for those interested:



Mmmm. That looks fab, and is now on my list for the next time I visit my sister. I did have Cheeseboard last week though, and it was just as amazing as I remembered it. :) (I'm currently in Indiana, and just had the worst Chinese food of my life.)

Btw, the Sunshine State is officially Florida. Although CA uses it too, it's more often known as the Golden State.


mmMmMmm!!~~~Pizza... I love authentic pizzas. I live in Switzerland, which is pretty close to Italy, so we get pretty good pizzas around here! But I reckon Swiss pizzas have an extra edge... Pizzerias here offer up chili oil with your pizza. Drizzle a generous amount on top and chomp!! I'll never have pizzas any other way anymore!


Wow. This is real pizza. Why people like those deep dish plastic cheese, hotdog crust things I'll never understand!


JC - thanks for the link! I've, um, linked it.

Jennifer - I would never turn my nose up at any pie that came out of the Cheeseboard ovens. But why don't they make the caramelized red cabbage+onions, walnuts, and gorgonzola pie anymore? :-(

BTW, I guess it's a pretty sad day when a Singaporean has to tell this formerly CA-resident American what the state nickname is.

Hi Bell - interesting. Actually one of our favorite pizzamakers here in KL serves chili oil on the side ... he makes it himself, from roasted fresh red chilies, garlic, olive oil, honey, and a few other ingredients he wouldn't name. It's delicious.

luckyfatluke - I am so with you. Just spent a weekend eating nothing but pizza (research for an article) and I came across some really vile pies.


Oh man! I am so dying for a good slice of the pie. I didn't get to go to DiFara's when in NY but went to Grimaldi's instead. The tangy slightly sweet fresh tomato sauce, slathered on thin crispy base, fresh mushrooms, basil and anchovies... yummmm


I'm a bit late on this one but this is interesting and amusing. I find that friends and acquaintances from New York are pretty high and mighty about all things New York, while I tend to be pretty gushing about my home in the Northwest. Articles in the new York times can't believe that baristas from both Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon have something to teach baristas in New York. And they are tattooed and pierced. Gasp!

I've had similar arguments with European friends. People from Western Europe have laughed at me when I try to convince them that the microbrews here are really world class.

As far as pizza goes, I would probably cede the point to your friend. That pizza does look and sound amazing. But if you're ever in Portland Oregon, can I suggest Apizza Scholls? I like their philosophy on pizza. It's the best pizza I have ever eaten.


shikin - that sounds pretty good. Perhaps I'll check it out next time I'm in New York. If my DiFara's-loving friend will let me.

a - I find the same thing. We lived in New York for a couple years then moved to CA, so we heard disparagements about both coasts on both coasts.
That pizza place you recommend looks pretty awesome. I love this from their website:

'to make it our life long quest to the perfection of pizza'

Awkward grammar aside it's a worthy goal, I think.


Now that is a freakin pizza! Looks darn good.


i took a trip from dc to new york after reading this post. you are right - dom makes real pies. more at http://my.opera.com/offspring/blog/


Beth - revisiting this post (to reply to comments) makes me hungry.

offspring - yikes, did you go to NYC *bec* of this pizza post? At any rate, I'm glad it lived up to its reputation. Yep, Dom's pies are right up there.


of cos. i was hooked on after reading the post. i will also be visiting several other of your mentioned places once i return to asia.

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