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I'll share vicariously in that regret! I would love to have banh mi in its homeland. Instead, I make do with what I can find in Denver, which I think is pretty good, but probably nothing like the real thing.

(I've posted about it here: http://kittbo.blogspot.com/2008/02/i-love-me-some-bnh-m.html )


"Around the corner from banh mi heaven, dressing to match your Vespa"

This could be a cool song lyric! We're likely headed to Vietnam this December -- and I'm taking notes.


You fool... how could you...???

I must've gone through at least five per week. And, no matter how hard you you try, you can't replicate them outside Vietnam.

I don't think you'll ever forgive yourself if you miss this place on your next visit,



Kitt - a good banh mi is a good banh mi, even if it isn't in Saigon (but yeah, I suspect a good Saigon banh mi is better than a good Denver banh mi).

Stay tuned then, Jennifer, bec we'll have more coming up in a month or so.

Graham - I know, what can I say? Stupid stupid. That does look like quite a spectacular sammie to be sure (and we will definately check it out), but can you really compare a standard charcuterie-stuffed banh mi with a grilled pork ball banh mi? Two different animals, I think. And more importantly ... are you sure you're gonna be able to sit through the post after we blog it in all its glory?


Banh mi was one of the things I enjoyed when I visited Vietnam! I loved it! I only wish there was someplace I could get it here...or maybe a really good recipe for it which includes the pate (most recipes I've seen don't have the pate)...


Banh Mi was the first Vietnamese food item I tasted back when they started opening shops and restaurants in Honolulu's Chinatown. It was an eye-opening experience for me.

The bread is the most important aspect to a great sandwich. It has to have a thin, crackly crust and a pillowy-soft inside. I prefer fresh, but grilled sounds good too. I used to always get the char siu filing, but nowadays prefer the slices of steamed pork roll.

Thanks for the food memory! Now I'm going to have to get a banh mi. Fortunately, living in San Jose where there is a large Vietnamese population, these sandwich shops are not hard to find.


This is what I sell in the UK. I fell in love with banh mi in Hanoi, and I just knew it would work here in the UK, where everone is addicted to sandwiches!


never too late . . . .as long as it is good food, we can always have them . . . . .Banh Mi is definitely terrific . . . .and not Hanoi but HCMC only.


Like you, I failed to try these wonderful banh mi when I was in Saigon. What a waste. My good friend in San Francisco was the one who bought me my first banh mi and it was gorgeous! Do you think they use liver pate or just store bought liver sausage which I see in one of your photos? And do you think they pickle daikon as the Japanese would with konbu and the works? I am running out of sandwich ideas for my kids. Great find really!


Just an afterthought. The Viets were in the Philippines for a long time as refugees. I really wonder why their cuisine didn't succeed here. Perhaps lack of info. It's such a loss for us...now I have to go to other countries to have a taste of their wonderful cuisine.


joey and corrine - pick up 'Into the Vietnamese Kitchen' by Andrea Nguyen, which has a section devoted to Vietnamese charcuterie that includes recipes for the liver pate and all those yummy sausage products they stuff into banh mi (daikon and carrot pickle as well). Corrine - you lack great Vietnamese food bec there isn't a big Viet community in the PHI (am I right about that?).

Nate - yes the bread can't be a regular French baguette, it has to have that soft interior (which I otherwise wouldn't want in a loaf). You're never too far from a banh mi in CA, that's for sure.

luckyfatluke - banh mi has worldwide appeal I think ... at least anywhere with a population that appreciates a good sandwich.

michael - good point. The banh mi are generally better in Saigon, aren't they?


I have never had a Banh Mi before either even though people have been raving about how good it is. In Montreal, you see them sold in Vietnamese restaurants all over and even though I am tempted, a bowl of good pho always wins me over.

Nice site you have here btw, love the crisp pictures. What camera are you using? :)


oh oui, j'adore la banh mi! i've only had them in sydney but love them nonetheless. used to buy one for lunch every single day!



Thanks for your comments. For this series of pics I used a full frame Canon digital camera with an F1.2, 50mm lens.



I found a banh mi gem in Colorado. Aboba Cafe http://www.abidooo.com/aboba. Thought I share it with everyone. If you ever visit Lakewood, CO. You will have to try it!! FYI

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