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Wow, 22 years? Congratulations! you must have got married when you two were very very young.


Very cool! You live in a good place to be a hungry tourist.

I'd love to hear more about the birds' nests and how Mrs. Hsieh produces" them. I've only had bird-nest soup once, and I can't remember what it tasted like at all.


I normally don't like pan mee, but that was the soupy kind. I'd gladly tuck into a plate of the dry.

O-chien! Be still my heart!

Robyn and Dave, many blessings on your 22nd anniversary.


Robyn and Dave,

Happy Anniversary! 22 years is definitely something to be proud of.

Wishing you happiness,

Malay Women in Malaysia

Yeah, Pulam Ketam have some excellent fresh seafood for Malaysians. Those villagers in Pulau Ketam are one lucky bunch!

Too bad not much publicity and promotion is done to promote Pulau Ketam as a 'makan' heaven for Malaysians. Perhaps the villagers there can think of something.

fulltime mom

happy anniversary! may there be many more good years to come!


Man, I would love to tuck into that plate of O-Chien right now. Yums! It looks just right too.

Wonderful to know that you've had 22 years together! Wishing you guys many more food-filled years together.


Wah Congratulation to you and Dave. 22 years is a very wonderfulthing. I wish you together have many more happy years of food and photo.


Congratulations on 22 years of marital and gastronomical satisfaction!


Happy 22nd wedding anniversary! All the best for the coming 22+ years.


Thanks everyone, for your good wishes.

Susan - we were young by today's standards, I think.

Nate - it's a v. good o-chien. I'm not a huge fan but this one was fantastic.


Belated Congratulations on your 22nd Wedding Anniversary! I am only midway on the same journey and hope to reach the point too 11 years from now!


Happy Anniversary Robyn & Dave!

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