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I am really enjoying your blog; I particularly love the photos in this post.


Hmmm...was admiring the light in fish stomach shot when I realised that Dave angled the first shot very well. The gate post covers what would otherwise be an x-rated shot :O haha!


I love the colors in these shots- the salmon pink, deep jade green and sky blue are such a distinctive pallet.

I think being a tourist in your own city is one of the best things you can do- it helps you reconnect with what drew you to the place, and in a sense 'refreshes' your engagement with the city. -X


I was in KL last month. I went to Pun Chun in Kota Kemuning. Noodles portion was small but wild boar curry was good. My mom lives near Proton factory. There is a good Malay restaurant called Alina Cakehouse on Jalan Kehijauan. The prices and food are excellent. Try the fish (kembong, bawal & sardine) and vege (wing bean & egg plant). They are open for breakfast and lunch during weekdays and Saturday. I visited Pulau Ketam many years ago. We took the open air boat and had sea food.

Crunchasarus Rex

Ahhh.. i so missed those chai kuih..! yes. .what a sin.. to be so far away from civilization .. :(



You're right, the opening shot took a little 'coaching'. Although the little guy certainly looked comfortable (and apparently proud) this being a family e-publication, it seemed like a better move to position him slightly out of camera view.


Ahh the pleasures of unearthing hidden treasures off the beaten track eh? Really reaffirms my conviction that the best are always way off the corner...:>)


Oh, those dumplings look so good! Your photos are such an inspiration for some of my recipes; now that my curry puffs are good enough, I'll have to try making some of the other dishes I've seen in your blog.

Jennifer Jeffrey

Your blog is so dangerous! Even if I've just eaten, I get so hungry just looking at these pictures... and daydreaming about this food.

PS: LOVE the fish stomachs photo. Looks like some delicate fabric fluttering in the breeze...

Rasa Malaysia

I loooove chai kuih. My mother used to make it, and it will be on my little project if it comes through.

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