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This just makes me so nostalgic. I'm really looking forward to either Thailand or Cambodia at Christmas. Can't decide where to go...
You're food is rather swaying me!


Looks like an amazingly good time. Not the girls, but the food. I wonder, how does the duck tongue here compare with that found in Sichuan or other parts of Asia?


William - if food is a major consideration, I think the choice is obvious (which is not to say there isn't great food in Cambodia, but in comparison, overall....)

Hi Nate - the only other way I've had duck tongue is in Hong Kong as dim sum. Totally different prep - these were deep-fried crisp and to me it was really more about the dipping sauce. Frankly I don't remember anything in particular about duck tongue dim sum. How is it prepared in Sichuan? (I lived there in the mid-80s when pork and grains were still rationed so duck tongue was on no local menus at the time!)

thai girl

Oh I love the gap klaem so much! Mostly the one with the clam and shrimp. I like the meat one too.

When I was young I would run across street every day and get some gap klaem foods for my dad. Our street is very busy too and you have to be careful because of the trucks going very fast.

The picture are so good it makes me miss the food in Thailand!

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