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Crunchasarus Rex

Ahhh..awesome sinful food..!! that's alot of gula melaka he used.. :)


Oh my god. Worth the wait! Especially since it allowed you to document that amazing process. I'd be happy to help you in your research and tell you how they stand up to overseas shipping.

How did the donutmakers respond to your taking photos? Did you ask first? Or chat, then ask? Or just start shooting?


crunchasaurus - yeah, they use tons of gula and it's really really good gula. These are just the best kuih keria every.

kitt - that's very generous of you! :-) I do know they're excellent the next day.

If folks aren't immediately obviously wanting to have their processes (and themselves) photographed Dave always asks. I wouldn't say that these folks were as happy about it as some are, but they weren't unhappy either. Mostly they were just really busy and in cases like that Dave tries to stay out of the way as much as possible. Also, they knew that I'd gone away disappointed to be too early for kuih keria, so I think they were flattered that we came back and were willing to wait around.


Hi Robyn
Jolly good Dave for making a U-turn and enlightened us with more pictures of the gula Melaka doughnuts. Jalan Tengkera .... must make a note. Hadn't had one of those kuih keria for ages and I guess the gula melaka does make a different. Silly question but if I may ask? Any comparison with the chain of doughnut stores from the States or KL (no name in case of libel)?


mk - bite your tongue! no comparison at all. it's like comparing a fine British farmhouse cheddar with Kraft singles.




Looks oh so fatteningly delicious!


woo..... i must so visit this place.


There used to be a stall selling these and the same other fried stuff a block behind my old house when I was a teen. I haven't had kuih keria more recently and now you've just given me a flavor craving that I have to follow up on. And I've never had them coated in gula melaka, only sugar so yours looks greatly better than the best I've had. Again, too far away....sigh. I guess I'll have to make a batch for myself just to satisfy the craving for now...I'm sure it won't be as good.


That is one sweaty man!

I wonder constantly if the rest of Southeast Asia has been "margarinized" like the Philippines.

Instead of using fat in many dishes, many bakeries and peddlers use STAR margarine. The company ran many commercials when we were kids about how we would get taller if we ate it. (My "yaya" used to feed me rice with STAR margarine, and I thought it was the best thing!)

These days all the Mexican-influenced bakery breads have it, as do some rice cakes which are supposed to have butter.

I'd rather eat animal fat (though I am vegetarian). It pretty much stops me from enjoying a lot of good street sweet baked or fried snacks.


Catherine, Beth, offspring - really, really tasty. As good as they look.

Annie - I'd think not, unless you can get some very good gula Melaka. Yes, I've only seen them sold in KL tossed in white sugar. Tasty, but not nearly as special. The white sugar doesn't melt and glaze them.

B- I love that word, margarinized. Yes, Malaysia has been. It's everywhere. Even hamburgers are cooked in it! When people say 'butter' they usually mean margarine. Malaysians even cook hamburgers in the stuff! I just can't stand the taste of it though.


this sounds so like our camote-q in the philippines... sweet potato pieces fried in oil and muscovado sugar....

marketman did one article i think:



Geez, what a process!


These look amazingly yummy!


holy smokes! those look absolutely sinful! i've never tried kuih keria coated with gula melaka. definitely gonna try this whenever i'm back home.
and you're right about finding great kerias..some just put too much flour you can hardly taste the sweet potato :p

Kavita Favelle

Oh my. Honestly, you two have a knack for utterly and completely bringing a foodie experience alive both in images and in words. I've been a huge fan of your blog for a long while but this post is one of my favourites! Thank you so much!

Chris Seah

Hi Robyn,

These look amazing! I'm definitely going to look out for them on my next visit to Malacca.

Jln Tengkera is quite a long stretch of road. Heading north towards KL on the trunk road, is this on the left hand side of the road or on the right hand side? Looking at the pictures, it appears to be outside of the town area, almost around where Klebang beach is. Any landmark I should be looking out for or are these guys right by the roadside?

I'm a regular visitor to Malacca and have not come across them b4. Thanks for the tip!


Tedin Ng

Hi Robyn,
I grew up and schooled in Malacca before leaving for and settling down in KL in 1974. It was only 2 years ago that I was introduced to this fantastic kueh keria by a friend who lived down that road (Jalan Limbongan). Nowadays, it is a compulsory visit to this stall everytime I "balik kampung" visiting my mum. I have only just read your blog entry and now I'm craving for some! Wonderful write-up and great pictures! Keep it up! Thank you!


Chris - if you're heading north out of town the stall is on your right, opposite the 'beach' (or what's left of it).

Hi Tedin - You're welcome. It's been way too long since we last enjoyed these.

Lisa Hirsch

This is the best. Blog posting. Ever.

Chris Seah

Hi Robyn,

Finally made it to Malacca over the New Year holidays. Your directions are spot on!

We went there on consecutive days. Nothing beats eating them fresh on the spot. I had some cold for breakfast the next day and they were pretty good still.

Thanks once again for blogging this!



Hi Robyn,

I've been drooling over this post off-and-on for about 2 years! Finally making it over to Malacca for a weekend - it sounds like a doable taxi ride out (taking the bus to and from KL - the driver probably won't be too amenable to a pit stop, haha)?


Hi Ashley - Thanks for reminding me, with your comment, that we need to get back down to Malacca for these! Caveat -- I don't know if they are still open and operational. But if they are pay attention to timing -- too early they won't be selling and too late they'll be sold out. Yes it's a doable cab ride, really just about 10 mins from downtown heritage area ie Hereen House etc.
Good luck! Have some for me.


Thanks Robyn - If they're open, I'm pretty sure I'll be eating enough for a small village!


Since I am back in Melaka, I thought may as well check out this store recommended by you. I made at least 6 rounds with my dad, asking people around the Shell station, tyre shop, coffee shops, all around Tengkera, but no one knows where it is, mind if you could be more specific since jalan tengkera is rather a long street? :-(

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