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Am adding this to the list for the Bangkok trip in Dec.


Man! I wish we'd known to go there when we were there last summer! This looks like it's worthy of a week-long pilgrimage on its own. Thanks, Robyn!


shiewie - the beef noodles are killer, but I know as a Malaysian your standards are very high. :-)

You're welcome Jennifer ... I could definately spend a week eating in and around this neighborhood.


What a gluttonous blog. My mouth waters and my eyes indulges and my mind wonders how and when will I ever get to travel abroad to experience what you have. I'm just envious ;-). Thanks for torturing my mind and senses.


My aunt has a restrarant in Nangleong just a bit outside the market. You should try it if you haven't because she makes the best stew, yes cow toung, which i thought was beef but it was the best stew i'd ever had. :D


Hi Robyn and Dave,

Thanks for all the stuff on Nang Leong. I was staying at a hotel just 10 minutes walk away and found it to be one of the trip highlights.

I tried both the duck noodles and the beef noodles and have to say that the beef noodles were far better. The broth and the quality of the meat was much higher from my sampling.

The Kanom Buang you mentioned in another post were also fantastic. The spicy ones were devine and among the best things I put in my mouth in Thailand.

Thanks again,


Michael Loh

Hi, am leaving this Sat (27 June 09) morning for Bangkok for a week. Really want to try the duck noodle at Nang Leong Market.

Can you please let me have the address of the shop and location of this market?

Grateful for the information. As a frequent visitor to Bangkok I thought I knew quite a fair bit about the city. But your blog has given me new inspiration and dimension into Bangkok dining.

Cheers, Michael

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