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Christine Tham

Any paste that is manually pound tasts better than blend. The texture is finer especially the chillies where seeds are pounded until they disappear to give the paste the fiery taste.


Hi Christine - I totally agree. But I'm also aware than not everyone has the time and/or the inclination to pound pastes by hand. (That would describe me, sometimes.)

So I would say that if the choice for the prospective cook is to make this recipe using a blender or food processor or to not make it at all, take the short cut.

[eatingclub] vancouver || js

I haven't heard of debal before, so thank you for enlightening me. I'm intrigued by this dish. Just one question: is that 30 shallots?


i'm drooling as i read this-- thanks for a recipe that seems remarkably "doable" in the US! love the doughnuts too ...


Mmm, that looks and sounds incredible. I'll have to try my hand at it sometime- or better yet, travel to Malacca to try a bowl. -X


my favoite asian cuisine is the PadThai

Rasa Malaysia

Robyn - I hate the word "fusion," too. It makes me cringe. Lately, the word-du-jour seems to be "Modern" as I see so many Modern this and Modern that cuisine.

By the way, I have never tried Devil Curry. Your version looks great!


hello,you articles are so cool,i really like it very much.I am also a chinese food amateur and have collected many chinese food recipes in my site with many pictures.If you like it,please feel free to contact me,'cause I wanna make friend with you:)


Love your posts and photography! I recently found coconut vinegar at my local co-op. It's supposedly the most authentic vinegar to use in the Goan version. I bought some lamb to make vindaloo but I think I'll try your debal instead. - Veena


Robyn that looks fantastic - I must try it! Here's another Goan classic for you to try - it has Portuguese roots and using the vinegar and spices as a preservative should be made and left for a couple of days before eating !


Looks good. But, 30 shallots + 2 large onions, and 50 dried chilies + 6 fresh chilies. I imagine the flavour must be very strong and pungent with so many shallots, and extremely fiery hot with so many dried chilies for 1 kg chicken, which probably serves 4-6 people.

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