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What is going on there?? Is that water or ... rice? Flour? Some kind of millstone?


Grinding rice into galapong to make rice cakes?

Michelle B

Pottery throwing on a wheel?


It looks like a soybean grinder for making tofu. Excellent shot by the way - it makes my head twirl too! :D


tyron is the closest here - rice is being ground, but not for galapong (we're in Cambodia, remember!).

Elaine - thanks from the photographer.


Bordeaux and I might be following in your footsteps rather soon! After returning to Thailand, we're hoping to cross through Cambodia (including a non-Angkorian break in Siem Reap) on our way to Saigon and the Mekong Delta.

After that, I think we're looking to head to New Mexico for the holidays, then continuing on to Cape Town, South Africa- where we will be settling down. Not quite as exotic as Istanbul, but a city that enjoy having as home. -X


X - I'll look forward to your posts. The Mekong Delta is a part of Viet we're dying to get to. We'll be back in NM too, later this year (but not over the holidays....).

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