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this symposium sounds amazing. would LOVE to go, alas, i'm clear across the continent. PS, send palm sugar! ;o)


Great. Thanks for the info. I will be there!



will you be taking part in any talks, or just sampling the gula melaka?

We should plan to meet up, if possible. Maybe we can go enjoy some more porchetta!


frank - I think it will be good fun and very informative. If not this year, perhaps next ... it will be an annual event.

Hi a - it would be great to finally meet you!

Nate - no talks this year, unless someone asks about the gula, in which case I can talk just about anyone's ear off! Seriously - I'll be around for the wknd, hopefully attending some of the symposium, but my only formal role will be telling folks about the sugars and doling out samples.
Porchetta on Sat (if they have it) is DEFINATELY on the agenda!!


Hi Robyn!

Remember me? The food courier from a few years back? I am on a project in San Francisco now. If you are around on that Sunday or the following week, I would love to finally meet you! I usually fly in on Sundays from Chicago.


Don't think I can cough up the money for the whole thing. Am I correct in my understanding that there are not many free events?Guess I'll just come to the Asian Sweet station...


Unfortunately, a, not many free events at all. Even I probably won't be attending most of them! I think the '6 flavors' will be interesting but I have to admit $20 is a fair bit of money (or maybe I'm thinking in Asian terms! come to think of it the last time I was in San Fran I had a hard time finding a decent lunch for less than $10...)


After much thought, I think I'll just attend this one event. I still think in Asian terms! As for the price of things in San Francisco, guess that's why I kind of consider myself more of a snack man!


a - I do think this will be really interesting. I'm looking forward to learning from the experts who will be manning the other stations (I'm especially curious about 'bitter').
Dave just returned from a quick 2 days in San Fran and is lamenting the hole it left in his pocket. Coming from Asia, prices everywhere in the US are such a shock...
Look forward to meeting you!

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