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I thought they were Kue Pukis at first, but they're not. The mould used is the same as the ones used to make Kue Pukis.


But the ingredients seem different, Kue Pukis is made of pancake-like batter. I can't confirm whether it's called Kue Pancong or not (Google Image seems to indicate so).



It looks very scrumptious.


Oh, they look so good! Are they at all similar to the Thai Kanom Krock?

Fulltime Mom

Looks a bit like putus? Looks yummy.


Jakarta oh, Jakarta. So much to discover. It is people like this that makes life goes round here.


I miss kue pancong...


Hi Ronny - I think the pic in the link confirms it's kueh pancong.

ntgerald -tastes even better!

kitten - thanks, yes! Much like kanom krok, but with a thinner 'crust' and an inside that's a bit more custardy. I love kanom krok too.

Fulltime mom - not at all like putus. More custardy than spongy.

Hi Chin - we agree. Too much in Jakarta to take in in one 4-day visit. You'd need months....

Hi Pepy - ever try to recreate them at home?


What a fantastic place and treat. I'm already disappointed I won't be getting to Indonesia this time in Asia, and this just makes it worse... at least I can live vicariously through your entries. -X

Jaden, Steamy Kitchen

I can smell that coconut all the way over the interwebs!


Xander -the good news is that Indonesia won't change much for a long time, I think, so the next time you make it to Asia....

Jaden - I could smell this a block away, seriously. This was SUCH a tasty treat....


some of the best Asian foods are actually priced cheaper, that's one of the best thing in eating asia :-) Busby SEO challenge



Ah Jakarta and kue pancong!!! I can never forget Jakarta with its humidity, traffic and pollution but yet it still has a lot to offer with its own beauty and charm, delicious street food and the locals. Gosh ... I need to go home, it's been too long.


aaah... surfing your site in this holy month of ramadhan is indeed a mistake T^T... love kue pancong and i love its cousin too. the name is kue rangi; quite similar shape, funny texture, crunchy on the outside-chewy on the inside (styrofoam-y, as i like to call it-but no, i haven't taste styrofoam before & never will), with a spread of thick palm sugar sauce on top... for me it's a lovely quirky marriage between coconut crunch & sticky sweetness!

kind regards,
your new reader


Hi there, my name's Irene from irenesgettingfat.blogspot.com. Can I please use one of your kue pancong photo on my blog? I will link-back and full credit goes to you, of course. Thanks very much.


Hi Irene - yes, pls credit the photographer David Hagerman and link back to this post. Thanks for asking before using.

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