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Oh my god. Look at that cute kitten! So cute! I wish I had a kitten like that!

Yeah, there's a lot of rubbish out there. While there may in fact be more than we could have ever thought possible, there's an increasing amount of great quality stuff.

The technology has gotten cheaper, more and more people are recording their experiences, and some people are just really interested in food. Good for them I guess. Find me a person who has never posted something they know almost nothing about, have nothing to say about, brought in traffic for some exotic food spotting, and I'll be very impressed.

Anyhow, I have always greatly admired how this blog manages to provide really great quality images along with the very well researched, and interesting stories. What I mean is: Stay away from pugs. They are a true manmade abomination.


So how did you cook it? With noodles? Pugs are chewy.


Why can't we have both? The glorious photography on this blog synchs with the wonderfully evocative writing.

And the kitten is so cute, too!

Jun Bautista

The only thing running through my foodie brain is "a cat is contaminating that chopping board!"...and I realize it's a stool - whew!...siopao ingredient comes to mind too.....lol.....I can only imagine the look of the uninitiated who just stumbled onto your site to see a cat prominently under the heading "Eating Asia"?!!.....cute cat nonetheless.


Oh my gosh. This is my absolutest mostest favoritest post in the history of your blog, Robyn. Please, more posts like these! Kittens and puppies!

(Hee. In all seriousness -- that second picture *is* probably my favorite pet pic yet.)


So how do I upload my own cute kitten photos onto your blog? Haha!

Susan in HK

Cute kitten. but of course, that's not why I'm replying - that piece in the Independent really pissed me off. Why is it when a Chinese person eats something that's not acceptable in the West, people say, "oh, those Chinese eat everything!" (I mean really, that comment, "even the Chinese" wouldn't eat scorpions - WTF?) but when someone like this writer - or even Anthony Bourdain, who's not nearly as judgemental, eats it, he's considered adventurous?
Have you seen that programme called Bizarre Food? That title is so judgemental - Bizarre - to whom??


Oh Robyn, so cute! Those eyes, those ears, I just want to cuddle! *you can tell I have cats too*


a - thanks for the kind words. And don't hate me but I love pugs.

Jerry - I don't give away my tenderizing secrets for free, but I will say that what works with pugs also works with poodles.

Thanks Kori! OK, there may be the occasional kitten post.

Jun - funny! I never thought of that (EatingAsia + kitten pic). Well, I can't say that a cat has never graced our kitchen counters but we do try to keep them off the cutting boards (gross!).

Hi Jennifer - the epitomy of the weird Asian cat tail!

Cupcake - I just can't compete with kittenwars so I'm not even gonna try (for the uninitiated: Kittenwars.com)

Susan - DON'T get me started on Bizarre Food. Oh, how I Hate - That - Show!!!! Grrrrr.

He Desert - yeah, he's a cutie. Getting even cuter as the days go by too. :-)


I love pugs too- I have a name for one picked out in case my boyfriend and I ever get settled enough to adpot one. -X

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