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Spectacles' name is Ah Hei. Will miss him dearly.


Beautifully written- more proof that there is good food writing, as food so often tangles with human life and relationships.

I'm liking the new look, by the way- it's looking as fresh as a Vietnamese herb salad. -X


Thanks Vicky. We will too.

Xander - isn't that the truth. Our love of Sek Yuen has only partially to do with the food.

As for the new look ... it's far from decided on!


hi... this has nothing to do about Spectacles demise... more rather i was curious about a yellow rambutan-like fruit in david's site... what's that, how does it taste like and where can we find them?



Robyn and Dave,

Your posts have often made me want to drool at my desk. Now for the first time, I feel tears pricking my eyes while reading your last post.

Obviously, EatingAsia is potent stuff.


I too am here wiping away tears. Beautiful and I'm sure he would be chuffed to see that wonderful photo.


retty - I think this is the fruit/veg you're talking about?


If so I've only found them in Malaysia at mostly-Malay wet markets (like Temerloh), and they seem to be very seasonal.

Thanks ELE.

Su-lin, we'd like to think so. Dave tried to get a pic of the 3 brothers that day, to no avail. What a shame.


What a beautiful tribute. A tear to the eye here too.


A well-penned and awesome piece.


Robyn & Dave

Thank you so much for your articles. It brings back fond memories to me. When I was in my early childhood (in the mid 60s), I stayed at one of the shoplot units along side Sek Yuen until my family moved to Jalan Brunei when I was older. My late grandma & late parents know them personally. Sek Yuen and the other restaurant (Pitt Yau Tin) used to be the ‘top choices’ for chinese wedding dinner those days. If I am correct, my late parents held their wedding dinner at Sek Yuen, so were my two great granduncles. Sek Yuen used to serve the best ‘pei pa duck’ in town and I still remember my late mum collected all the duck wings (which were not needed) from them to take home and cook stewed duck wings (yummy yummy).

Well, those were the days and now my grandma and parents had passed away. I am very sad to read from your articles that Uncle Ah Hei is gone too. I know this is cycle of life but is sad for me as all the memories of the time I spent at Sek Yuen (almost there everyday with my late father) came back like a slideshow. May he rest in peace.


I am sorry, Robyn and Dave, I meant to say circle of life in my last para.


Lizzie and gastronomer-thanks.

Hippo, thanks for sharing those memories.You'll be happy to know that Sek Yuen still makes the best pei pa duck in town.
Yes, may Ah Hei rest well. He is remembered.


hi there,

I also went to sek yuen after reading my free copy of Timeout KL (KL vs PJ issue). and when i was reading that issue of timeout, i came across your name...Robyn Eckhardt...i keep thinking to myself, my, this name sounds so familiar. it's not until after my holiday and I came home, that i found out it was you!

the dishes at sek yuen is very chinese, you can certainly taste "the breath of the wok". probably because of the wood fired kitchen.

we had some yummy dry fried prawns. wanted to have kang kung (water spniach) stir fried with beef. because we overheard the waitress mentioning to some regular customers they do it really well. but they ran out of the spinach, so we opted for garlic chives, yummy!

the pei pa duck was ok, i mean its very flavoursome, sucking on the bones, but i find the meat a tad tough.

ps. i hate to be nosey, i am a graphic designer, i have a disease, i know...but the kerning of timeout KL is shocking, there isnt enough space between the letters, i understand they have to squeeze in as much words in a spread as possible, but a smaller image could compensate the problem. the article abt OUG was virtually illegible....
was going to take it up with Timeout, but sadly lost my copy of the mag...anyways, sorry enough complaints.

great blog!
thanks Robyn and dave.


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