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What an interesting post! I could never down a raw egg - I just couldn't get past the texture (and I don't like them cooked anyway, let alone raw!) so I found the photo where he is pouring it into his mouth quite ... eugh! lol! But the smile on his face is just so contageous.


Wow. That's awesome. As in awe-inspiring.

I suddenly feel very comfortable sitting here at my work desk in my ergonomic chair.


I have been following this blog but have never left a comment. Until now. Wow, I am in awe.


I really enjoy your site. I check in often to get my fix of what's happening far far away from me. I have done no traveling to speak of other than around the US. Your posts and photos really get my desire to see the world stirred up. I am always loving to see what you are eating but this post was just amazing. These fellows do more work in one morning than most people do in a week or month or even longer. I have great respect for what they do.


Robyn and Dave,

Go to the top of the class! This last post was brilliant. Simply and utterly brilliant. The photographs are beyond-words-marvellous. The tone of the writing is pitched just right - these folks are indeed to be admired.

Thank you!


Wow, duck eggs! And looking at those muscles on those men, I kept thinking that the weight lifters in the Olympics have nothing on those guys. That kind of work also makes me think of the people who climb mountains practically everyday to bring equipment and supplies for hikers and tourists. Amazing stamina!


Hmmm, Egg & Shoulders (like the shampoo, Head & Shoulders) comes to mind when reading this :).


Thanks, everyone, for 'getting' this post. It's definately one of our favorites.

Shiewie - good one! Wish I'd thought of that....


Hi Robyn,

I was in Malaysia last June. One think that struck me is that people, regular folks, in general, never really complain, of hardships or stress. They all work extremely hard from the ones on the streets to the ones in air condition offices. They are content with what they have. Here in the States I sense people often times are not happy. I maybe wrong.

Rasa Malaysia

Robyn - this is a great post. I love it.

BTW, I also love your new header and design. Where did you take that picture? There is a place across from Traders Hotel in Penang that is exactly like that. Am wondering...


Hi Saida - I think we've found that can be said for much of Asia. I don't think you're wrong. Polls have shown that Americans are among the most 'unhappy' people on earth.

Rasa - yes, we took that photo at that very place across from Traders. I think Dave took it the day we met you (and ate alot) in Penang. :-)

Rasa Malaysia

Robyn - the squating eating place is gone. Drove by Trader's last week when I was in Penang and it was gone. SAD!!!

Michael Vong

Eating Asia is amazing!!! I just want say awesome site! Being Asian-American, not that it even matters...I enjoy your blog very much it has inspired me to become a photographer, cook, dream, learn, and experience differents foods of all the countries I find so interesting and hope to visit and experience in person. Thank you very much for awesome pictures and literature explaining of pictures and customs or just whats going on in the picture, lol! Thank you again, keep up the hard work and eating! :)


Michael - we appreciate the kind words. Thank you. And good luck with your own photography and cooking.


I am Indonesian but I can't eat raw egg, even half cooked egg (you can find in Warung Bubur Kacang ijo & Indomie).

I was try eat raw chicken egg with bubur ayam, the seller in Cikini Jakarta put it in the bottom of the bowl so make it half cooked with the hot bubur, sadly still can't eat that egg :d

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