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Oh my. I'm jealous of all your banh mi options! The vegetarian ones do sound not quite right; it's the pate that makes the sandwich. (Conversely, I enjoy a veggie burger much more than the real thing.)

Beautiful shots.


yummay.. i was just wondering if you know what the frittata cake is made of? and does the bread get soggy in the hot and humid weather?


Sigh! Miss these comfort food from HCMC.


I'm only familiar with the banh mi in Vancouver but my favourite was always the meatball one! It is in a light red/orange sauce which didn't taste like barbecue sauce. I wish we could have had grilled pork... the toppings were limited to cold cuts or the meatball.


Tsk... You're really trying to piss me off, huh? I just get back from a trip, dig back into food blog world and this greets me. Can't you preface your posts with a warning or sommit? Have you any idea of the pain inflicted knowing I can't get this stuff without flying half way across the world to find it... gah.

I think I now understand the painful cries of the Viet Kieu who commented on the blog way back when. I know how it feels and it doesn't feel good :(

Will catch up on the rest of you blog posts when I've finished this bottle of appetite suppressants.


the meatball is what Vietnamese call Xiu' Mai. . The red sauce is tomato sauce.
THe ingredient for the Frittata-like cake is ground pork, egg, glass noodle, black wood ear fungus (and some time crab meats) .


Really love ur pics...
You really do a great job for all your pics...
Which kind of optical lens and digital camera did you use?
Did you have a create a book of ur pictures?
Just continue to send pictures like these...

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Oh my. I'm jealous of all your banh mi options! The vegetarian ones are awesome

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can't believe these are skillfully crafted gluten products (aka 'fake meat'), i wonder if they act as appetite suppressants for the real thing

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