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Michael Koh

Hi Robyn

The new banner do indeed reflect what EatingAsia stands for. The Wok and flying sparks does remind me of the unique cooking methods of Asia. What a delicious banner. Hmm... I can visualise the sound of wok and can almost smell the stir fried food. Truly heavenly Asia. Brilliant banner and can't wait for your new fresh blog. Am sure it will look as delightful as the old. Thanks for keeping us sane with your blog.

Anne Le

I absolutely love your blog and look forward to it whenever I log onto my computer. Your pictures and insight have inspired me and have taken numerous notes on where to seek out new experiences disguised as dining.


Hi Michael - you're welcome. And thanks for your support!

Anne - thanks. 'New experiences disguised as dining' - I like that! Our pursuit of great food has taken us so many interesting places.


Yep. Overwhelmed. Familiar feeling. Here's to getting beyond it all....


I like the new banner very much! As well as the picture of the dried squid...which is something we have over here as well :)

Rasa Malaysia

Can't wait to see what's in store for the new design of Eating Asia. A great looking cuttlefish picture!


Hi Robyn! Please don't ever give EatingAsia up...!! It's my own link to the food I love back home. You guys do an amazing job on this blog. Thanks!


Hi Joey - thanks. What do you make with it (dried squid)?

Thanks Rasa.

Not to worry Sook - just a bit bogged down with work at the moment but we're having too much fun with EatingAsia to give it up anytime soon....


Hi Robyn,
really like the banner. Good luck with the deadlines. I have been to PJ Old Town market on many occasions whenever I am home. There is great roasted meat shop across from it.


Dried squid, that is new to me although I should not be surprised. I have really enjoyed and been fascinated by some of the photographs on this blog. Thanks for letting me experience Asia, Asian food and culture vicariously through your writing and photographs. I could not have asked for a better platform.


A lot of the dried squid (dried pusit) here is eaten as a snack...think of it as squid "jerky" :) They are seasoned differently but my favorite is the one that is cut up and covered with the sticky/sweet/spicy coating...I remember eating eat when I was in high school...super yummy but the smell could knock down a building...woo! I love it though :)


Interesting food - I found nearly the same in China Town/Bangkok. If you want to have a look at www.thailandfotos.com. Greetings, Chris


Lovely photo! Looking forward to seeing you guys ....


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