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Definitely want one of those waffles!


Wow! Amazing pics and the food looks so delicious! Thanks for sharing them.


That's awesome stuff! I read all sorts of negative things about Cambodian street food and wussed out when I was there. I'm glad you guys found the goods!! I vow to be braver next time around.

Btw - love the pic up top.


Mmm. RIsky eating never LOOKED so good.

Rasa Malaysia

Reading about your waffle and seeing the mold, I have to tell you something. The next time you go to Penang, you HAVE to try out the Apong Balik in front of Union Primary School on Burmah Road. It's the best and fluffiest EVER. The hawker is called "Apong Guan" - the sweetest hawker you will find in Penang, and he speaks English. I bought 20 of them every day when I went home recently.


Absolutely lovely blog, great photography & writing style :)


Beautiful description and photos! I'm back in Europe now and really missing the Asian style of soup, piled high with fresh herbs and greens. Thanks for this - it brought back good memories of our street food experiences at that market in Siem Reap and at other markets in Cambodia! Like you, my husband and I never got sick from our street food adventures in Cambodia.

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