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Great article - too bad the wider regional view was edited out. Canh chua ca is one of the few foods that cross the border into Southern Cambodia that I'd bet money on having originated in Vietnam - simply because Cambodians name it "Vietnamese" sour soup (samlor machou yuon).

As for all other sour soups, I miss them above all other SE Asian foods.


That is one beautiful bowl of soup. Wish I could taste it.


Can you hear a rumbling noise? That's my stomach growling in America.


I'm in Saigon now, and this has firmly made its way onto my 'must eat' list while I'm here. I love tom yum and have had some great sour samlors in Cambodia- so I'm curious to see how this will compare. Thanks for the tip! -X

Andrea Nguyen

I never tire of canh chua ca, Robyn and that's so great that you had a good conversation with Mdme Van in Saigon.

Expect sinigang next week when you're in San Francisco for Asian Food Beyond Borders weekend. We're going to do tastings of sinigang and there will be other souring agents on display. The sour station is right next to your sweet -- palm sugar station. Sour sweet and bitter is nearby too! There will be homemade Sriracha sauce -- the real deal at the spicy station. My stomach grumbles...

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