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Oh my. That looks absolutely to die for.

Enjoy the rest of Langkawi!


Nasi Lemak is called Nasi Uduk (pronounced "oo-dook") in Indonesian.


The turmeric-yellow rice is more commonly known in Indonesia as Nasi Kuning. For special occasions like thanks giving (general thanks giving, like after promotion, birthdays, newborns, etc., not the American kind :-)), there is a party-sized Nasi Kuning shaped like a cone mountain about 30-40 cm high, dressed with all the condiments around the sides, we call it Nasi Tumpeng or just Tumpeng. Searching for "tumpeng" in Google Image will give you a better idea of what it looks like.


Oh, that looks delicious! Like the truck stop corollary: Lots of trucks = good food. Not always true, but often.

sari tjio

In Indonesia there is nasi lemak too, but only in Sumatra (where it is closest to the Malay peninsula).. The other variation that we have is nasi uduk.. which is rice cooked in coconut milk, lemon grass and bay leaves, without the turmeric.


i couldn't agree more. that looks like nasi padang to me, probably because my idea of nasi lemak is white coconut rice served with the standard fare - fried egg, ikan bilis and sambal chilli. it certainly sounds bland compared to this!

Gina B

I hope you'll be able to find the crab cracking cruise in Langkawi. Used to be run by a kiwi, now a young American couple run it. A totally different view of unspoilt L'kawi.
Call it whatever, nasi lemak or nasi uduk, I lurve it and miss it so!!


That looks absolutely delicious. Did they serve it in wax paper?

Laura Kelley

Lovely post - as always!

I've awarded your site a diamond for its fantastic writing and photogrpahy.

Come by Silk Road Gourmet to check it out.



Just reading your blog and I wish I had the chance to smell it ;-)


yummy! looks and sounds good, especially the sambal. I miss sambal. Sounds like you really enjoyed the "pasar" experience.


dear friend,

do u've BBQ LAND & STEAMBOAT BUFFET KUANG's phone no at SG BULOH, SELANGOR @ been there? some said d price just below rm20/pax!


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Crowds at food stall good. Fights over food stalls bad. The ladies aren't afraid to use those elbows. =D


I love the photos, I love your post, I love Asia!!!


@BM: it's not wax paper, but a special kind of paper (thick-ish) with a plastic layer on one of the sides that is used especially to wrap food. You can found them everywhere in Indonesia, I don't know if they're used anywhere else. Sometimes the vendor put a layer of banana leaf between the food and the plastic layer, especially if the food is wet from gravy or sambal.


Hi Jennifer - it was tasty! And I did (enjoy the rest of Langkawi).

Thanks Ronny.

Kitt - exactly.

Sari - thanks. We've enjoyed this on Sumatra as well,esp in Medan.

Hi cyn - it's not nasi Padang. I'm a huge fan and I know it when I see it!

Hi Gina - no time for a crab cracking cruise this trip, unfortunately. In fact, I was working on an article that has absolutely *nothing* to do with food, if you can imagine that!

Hi BM - Ronny explains the paper above. It's all over Malaysia too.

Thanks Laura - let me dig out from under work and do my own diamond post.

luvofood - we are all about the 'pasar experience' here at EatingAsia. The pasar is the first place we head after landing anywhere!

chubbypanda - no kidding. Old Chinese grammas are the most ferocious....

Thanks Kirsten, and nhbilly (unfortunately Typepad does not offer a surround-smell widget).


I think the white one is Nasi Uduk and for the yellow one I am certain that is Nasi Kuning.

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