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Looks great. Huitlacoche. Damn, that is very good stuff indeed. Today I spent the late afternoon at an early dia de los muertos celebration in East Oakland. I was blown away at the size of the party. Much like you didn't intend to turn your trip into a search for Mexcan fare, I had no intenetion of doing the same thing on my blog, but time and again I am drawn back to the taquerias, taco trucks, and roving tamale vendors. There's certainly more to "American" food than the Mexican/Latin American inspired fare, but right now it's difficult to pay attention to anything else.


Man! That is one pretty little burrito. I like them smaller, not SF-sized, and that looked really, and yummily, delicate!

Susan in HK

Oh, all of this sounds so good... we don't have much good mexican food in HK.



Wow, the chips (is that how they're called?) in the first picture looks really crunchy and the salsa looks really yummy. We also don't have a lot of good Mexican restos here in the Philippines. Too bad.


Hey, it looks great, delicious, delicate, yummy...!!! I love burritos!!!! And I love your post!!!


Every time I drop by your blog I am awe-struck by your pictures. They always feel so poignant to me. :)

One question though, isn't Menudo a Mexican vegetable soup/stew? I am just surprised that they put meat in it.


a - if I were in your position I would certainly be focusing on Mexican/Latin American fare, if for no other reason than that those taco trucks may be the closest thing to street food in your area.

Jennifer - this was a good one. I don't need 'everything' on a burrito - just good stuff.

Susan - then the situation hasn't changed much since we lived there in the early nineties, huh?

Barbara - the chips are excellent - freshly made, thick, very very crunchy. Perfect dippers.

Kirsten - thanks!

Elaine - I've always known menudo as tripe stew (or hangover food). Perhaps there are regional variations?

nova bennett

Robyn I didn't know you went to Lansing... this year.. We live there.. !!!! We are student at MSU... is Dave from MSU too??? It's been so long I didn't read your blogs... congrats on become #2 blog... Thanks to you my misery from missing my country ( Indonesia ) some how cure :) cheers for you and Dave!!! Happy New Year!!!!


"Spare parts poetry in a cup." Very well stated. Menudo and/or posole is a fabulous comfort food. Although I've never had Malaysian cuisine, Pho is something that comforts me the way Posole does. Truly comforting and soul nourishing food.

Also- I'm so very glad I stumbbled upon your blog. Asian food, vast and varied, is cuisine I yearn to know. (growing up in NM, I had very little opportunity to dine on authentic Asian of any variety- moving to L.A. then NYC I'm slowly eating my way through hole in the wall resturants). Thanks again!


Nova - Yes, we both grew up in MI and went to MSU for our undergrad degrees. What a small world it is. And thanks for the congratulations.

Hi Gabriela, and welcome to EatingAsia! More small world-ness: my parents live in NM and so we're there at least once a year, gobbling up every Mexican and Southwestern food we can lay our hands on! Good luck in your Asian food explorations.

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