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Thank you both for promoting our Xmas foods and traditions, I will scour all the magazine vendors for a copy of Saveur! Plus I do know some friends in the US who will enjoy knowing about the article.
Robyn, I didn't realize you were a Sinologist, good friends of mine were likewise beating their heads against Chinese bureaucracy for years, and I enjoyed getting the inside scoop on Chinese politics from them while I was studying putonghua.


Thanks for sharing your history and path to food writing. Oh course my subscription to Saveur ended with the November issue- I will head to the newstand!


Congratulations on the Saveur article. I'll make sure and grab a copy ASAP.


Great story. Your description of simple yet delicious Chinese fare strikes a chord. Thanks for sharing.


That's you guys? Awesome! I'd found and started reading your blog ages ago, and I am a Saveur subscriber as well. And I really enjoyed both that article and the photography! I have to say, though, you didn't have to convert me---I already liked Filipino food all on my own. ;)


I haven't received my copy of Saveur yet (it is the only food magazine to which I still subscribe), but as a Filipino who has carried Medina enseimadas across the Pacific, and whose grandmother hailed from Arayat, I am waiting with baited breath! (And I bless my lucky stars that I will be in Manila for Christmas:-))

Thank you very much for your beautiful photos and articles, which never fail to entertain and educate. You capture the spirit of each place and every morsel so accurately that I always leave your blog with an intense desire to return to SE Asia--immediately!


hi robyn & dave,

looking forward to your article... i sent emails to my sisters in L.A. so as to secure a copy of Saveur for themselves and for me.

btw, everytime a friend goes to KL, i suggest to them your wonderful site. it's so much more like a KL foodie lonely planet!

btw, how come no sate babe in jakarta? only sate ayam and sate kambing? don't the non-muslim chinese serve them?



Your choice of career path in food and people has been our boon. That's from my heart and...stomach! :)


I really like Saveur but I LOVE your website. It is really my favourite "place" to visit for food.

Liked your story and I look forward to the real adobo recipe!


P.S. I'll wait for and look forward to your future book!!


hi robyn, just wanted to say what a great article about Filipino cuisine in Saveur. I am a Filipino based in Toronto, and and I came across this particular issue by chance. I got so excited I blogged about it. Because of that story, I am now enjoying your blog as well.


Oh wow! I am buying that issue as soon as I see it! Thank you so much for the wonderful way you have treated our cuisine, one that is often misunderstood. I get a warm spot in my heart every time I read one of your "Filipino" posts :) I am so thrilled that your article was published in Saveur...a magazine I also like and respect! I can't wait to read it!


Dear Robyn and David,
Mayap a aldo kekayu ("A good day to you" - Kapampangan)I was pleasantly shocked to read this entry. I was born and grew up in Arayat, in a small farming village near the foot of the mountain before I moved to Manila to pursue a goverment scholarship at 13 years old. I am now 33 year old engineer raising a family here in a suburb halfway between Akron and Cleveland Ohio where I work for a famous food company.
Your blog hass been one of my most wonderful discovery to feed my nostalgia and occasional homeland pangs, and to discover Philippines' neighboring countries. Because of my work I have been fortunate to have worked and lived in several countries (UK, Canada, Brazil, Czech Republic, Turkey, Germany, Italy, France) before being assigned here in the US, but somehow I have never visited the rest of Southeast Asia except for the airport layover in Changi and Bangkok on the way home.
Well, I will look forward to the Saveur issue, and continue to keep up with your blog. God bless you both and keep you safe in your journeys!
Mimingat kayu at sana akit and namnaman yu ing manyaman a biye - (Take care and I hope you always find and enjoy the delicious in life).


Life 2.0

Robyn and Dave,

Thanks for the post about Saveur, I have never heard of this publication and I am heading out to the bookstore to find a copy and get an subscription for myself and my uncle.

Also, many thanks for the BT article. I have read it three times so far and am so excited about KL and it's surrounding suburbs. We are looking Petaling Jaya(PJ) for our base. If there is another suburbs you would suggest, I am all ears.

marc medina

hey robyn!

you mean the december issues are out already? better head to the bookstore tomorrow. didn't know you had so many arayat-born and -bred reading your blog. bet when they see dave's pictures they'll get nostalgic (which was the point, right?).

it's fiesta on tuesday and neither you nor i will be there. bummer. i can taste lucia's cooking already. and i can't even find bagoong here in oxford....

i'll wait for the savuer and just use my imagination while i'm having fish and chips (yuk).



Mila - don't thank me, we'd like to thanks Filipinos for having such rich culinary traditions. There's so much there yet to mine. We can't wait to return.
Sinology is behind me, though I do get the oppty to use Mandarin in Malaysia and Dave and I would love to return to China doing the kind of work we do now. Food, I think, would be a bit less sensitive to research there than rural tax protests!

Heidi and a - you're welcome. Heidi, I suppose it is a 'path' of some sort, though certainly not a straight one...

renato, Janaki - thank you.

Jay, Pia - who knew we had Arayat-native (or related by birth) readers? We just hope we got it right.

marc - no kidding. I've been craving that ulang sa gata all weekend, not to mention a nice bowl of balo-balo with mustard leaves to accompany! Fiesta next year then? You know we're dying to go....

Olan - thanks. We'll hold you to the book comment. Shall we put you down for 50 copies. ;-)

chinachix - thanks! And for the blog post too.

joey - I think it's time for another Philippines post, don't you think? ;-)

Life 2.0 - I'd recommend just about any KL suburb. There are many PJs, Kota Damansar, Mt Kiara, Sri Hartamas, Damansara and Damansara Heights are all good as well. Depends on the type of home you're looking for. Despite the complaints of KL residents traffic here is not SO bad, certainly not like Bangkok, Jakarta, or Manila. One thing is for certain ... no matter where you live you will always be within reach of really delicious food!

Hey bayi - that's a great compliment, coming from you. Thanks!


Just bought the issue! Great article and photos. So happens I was planning to cook adobo this week-end so I decided to do this version. While I still like the "saucier" adobo -- this is a great variation. Thanks again.


Robyn and Dave,

What a pleasant surpise to see your article about Philippine cuisine in Saveur. I could imagine and sense the taste, scents and sounds you experinced as I read your article. Bravo! Being Filipino in the US, I've been waiting for an article like this. Phillipine cuisine has always been under the radar and as you say is "the regions comfort food". Your article made me miss X'mas in the Phillipines and now I am inspired to plan on a trip back home next year with my family. I know your article will help Americans discover the tastes of the Phillipines and not limited to the Lumpia and Pancit as well as get a glimpse of our culture revolving around faith, friends, food and of course family. I would love to see you write another article on other Philippine regional cuisine. Thank you very much for this article.


Hey Renato - we like the 'meat and nothing but meat'-iness of that adobo recipe. I'm not sure if it was included in the article but we eat it with a sawsawan of crushed fresh tomato and patis.

Thanks Franz! We intend to continue to cover the Philippines. Our few visits have only made us hungry for more.

marc medina

or crushed tomatoes and bagoong better....we eat it sometimes with a banana just for fun.


Hi Robyn and Dave,

I love your blog and have been reading it for a year now (like truly delicious food, I gobbled up the entries in your archives, so I have been consciously pacing myself since lest I run out of entries to read). I enjoy what you do. Robyn you have a gift for nailing down food complexities (or simplicity)on paper. Dave's pictures are spot-on luscious too. Love, love, love your blog!


Marc - right, bagoong. And a sili. :-) There's another dish we ate bananas with in Arayat, isn't there?

Reyna, thanks so much for the compliments. Means a lot to us. And thanks for reading.

marc medina

hey robyn,

did you know cendrillon is moving to brooklyn? just got word from amy....

yes, that's binagoongang baboy, pork loin in bagoong and tomatoes. we eat that with fresh bananas.

i'll get the recipe from mom. she does it well.



I read all about Philippines, that's cool. I miss Filipino Food as well as Pinoy Christmas Celebration! Geez! but it's good, I'm gonna have my first Christmas in Da Lat, Vietnam...Cold Christmas like Baguio!

Please visit my blog sometime at:


Wow, reading this makes me so envious of your life, I love taking pictures of food too (and trying foods from all over the world) but I'm nowhere near a professional so unfortunately wouldn't be able to make a living of it, but I live vicariously through all your posts! Thank you so much for these beautiful blog posts and pictures :D I decided to search for Filipino foods on your blog today since I have a Filipino boyfriend, and now I'm dreaming of visiting the Philippines one day! In the meantime I'll start cooking food from there instead :D

Is there somewhere I can find the article you wrote in the archives of the website? I tried looking for it but I don't know which issue # it is.

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