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My family has lived across the way from both Nam Son's since the 1950s, and I asked them about the dueling Nam Son's when I moved back to VN in 2002. They told me that some time in the 1970s, there was a fight between the two male heirs of the original Nam Son - and one branch of the family broke off and started their own Nam Son, right next to the original Nam Son! When I asked my family if there was still ongoing animosity between the two branches, they simply shrugged and told me that both restaurants had developed different clientele - one that liked air conditioner (the 'imposter') and one that could do without ( the 'original'). Sadly, the 'imposter' Nam Son closed its doors about 3 months ago, making way for a really awful vegetarian restaurant painted in a hideous neon green color, so there is no way to do a Nam Son vs Nam Son taste test anymore!

While it is true that VN, like most other Asian countries, has a problem of carbon-copy establishments opening up in the immediate vicinity of the original, in this particular case, I think I like this internal feud story much better than the copycat one!


Hi Chi -- thanks for the back story. This really common in Malaysia ... family feuds that lead to copycat restaurants. Probably the most famous being Soo Kee noodles in Kuala Lumpur (across the street from each other) ... and other branches in the suburbs. All diff relatives.

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