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Life 2.0

I just read your article in BT magazine and it was wonderful. My husband and I are relocating to South East Asia(SEA) in the next 2 years and KL is our top pick. Being a midwestern, it is going to be a challenge to acclimate ourselves to the weather. How fierce our the thunderstorms in KL?

Thanks for your blog posts and awesome photos.


Hi Life - KL is great, a nice balance betw. crowded, less-green Bangkok and uber spic-and-span Singapore. It's also conveniently located to go just about anywhere in the region.
We're midwesterners too. Never have acclimated to the climate, but you just get used to being hot when you're outside. Think of it as the hottest, muggiest midwestern summer day ... most of the year round.
Thunderstorms here can be fierce! Lots of lightning and thunder. But we don't mind it. We like the drama. Makes things interesting. ;-)

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