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Congratulations, EatingAsia! (And too bad about Spore street food!)

Jeanie Curry

Hi, Happy Thanksgiving from Philadelphia! We're having our family feast and just relaxing afterwards. My Dad read the article in the Dec. issue of Budget mag and was facinated by you and your husband's blog.which he found in the article. Your photos are super and the writings very informative and fun to read. My Dad first read your article on rice porridge which he remembers first eating as a kid of 11 at Kaneohe,Oahu,Hawaii. His step-family killed a pig and one of the things they did with innards was to make "juk" or "chook" as he came to call it. It was delicious! The Grandparents were Chinese and made it with chopped cilantro which he hadn't tried before and instantly he loved both and now is a life-time fan. Will continue to read and enjoy your blog...Go Eagles....Aloha


Congratulations - well deserved, although I'd list you at no 1, being South East Asian by birth ;)

Riz Ainuddin

Wicked! Congratulations guys. I'm very Sad-Lah about Singpore having best street food. :~(

Rasa Malaysia

Congrats guys, this is well-deserved. You really do know more about SEA food than anyone I know!!!

And about Singapore being 'the world's best street food'- oh well, I guess the writer obviously didn't come to Malaysia. We will have to convince him. ;)




great photograph really does enhance the impact of the piece... very nice...
happy holidays from Indiana, USA


Congratulations! I think that you two know South-East Asia so much better than most locals. Shame on us. :P

As for Singapore having the best street food, I love eating in Singapore but sometimes sanitary doesn't necessarily mean tasty.

Happy Thanksgiving, btw.

Life 2.0

Congratulations. I too now read your foodie blog daily, but would place it as #1 on my list. Go Spartans, well okay I really am a Michigan fan. Are there any Lion fans? I believe they have lost EVERY game this year. Again, EVERY GAME.


Everybody, thanks, from both of us.

Hi Jeanie - Thanks for your comment and say hi to your dad for us. Pig innard curry can be found here in Malaysia as well, there's an especially delicious version topped with deep-fried pork intestine. Yum! Your dad would love it.

Rasa and Franco - we've had the privilege to live in a few SE Asian countries and do a lot of traveling in the others. We tend to inhale food (and thus info) whereever we go....

Life 2.0 - hey, we are former Spartans, met at MSU in fact. We don't hold the fact that UofM fans are UofM fans against them. Most of the time.


Good Job!! I'm pretty sure it feels great for both of you to be able to do the things that you love and enjoyed by other people at the same time... Congratulations! Maybe you guys can start doing tv shows or something..hehe


It's a subtle reading, informative, and a little easy on the eyes.
Here in the USA, Asian food seems to be bizarre,just as these chefs and their personalities like to present them.
tv show suggest wild, crazy, weird, and a whole lot of fireworks when it comes to eating asian food.
Lets hope Robin doesn't try snake bile or other woodland insects, something rural folks in asia do for fun.


congrats. definitely the best food blog in asia. i am from singapore and i think the food culture here is anything but street.


Definitely in my top blogs - it just always makes me hungry!


Congratulations! You guys deserve it. EatingAsia has kept me hungry and longing for Malaysia food here in the midwest.
We are former Spartans too.. also met and married in Spartan Village, MSU.


Thanks offspring. I agree (abt Sing food) but your Tourism Bureau has done its job well. Malaysia's could certainly take a lesson (or 20)....

Thanks William. Hey, congrats to you too...

Saida - thanks. Memories - had my first real Chinese meal in the Spartan Village apt of my Taiwanese TA. There's a lot of us (Sparties) out there!


Great to pop back for a visit after a while away from checking my favourite blogs...that's brilliant news. Well done. And damn, I love te look of those sausages in your previous post.


Congratulations!! Well deserved.



Congratulations! Your blog had me salivating in UK and still makes my mouth water even though I'm in Singapore. Yep, you are my no. 1


Congratulations! So where's the bubbly? :)


Congratulations!! Regarding 'the
world's best street food' in Singapore... it's just too difficult to believe! I guess Malaysia has much more to offer!



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Double sigh...you won't believe how many pple here rave on and on about Singaporean food and have never even heard of Malaysian food. Urgh...
Yes, we could learn a lot about promoting our foods or even our country in general. Heard of Singapore? Yes. Heard of Thailand? Yes. Well, Malaysia is right in between...that's how I end up telling people where we're at. Sad...very sad...

My Taste Heaven



Congratulations Robyn. I started reading Eating Asia as a food blog, but it's much more than that. Your writing is some of the very best on the web, touching ordinary people and events in ways that very few achieve. And David's photographs are always vibrant, exciting and closely connected to the real people they illustrate. Great stuff.

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