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I read the interview already and I'm so happy that Franco did it! It was great to learn more about you both...bloggers and people I admire! :)


You're famous! :)


I found your blog through Table For Three, Pls. Nice to finally put faces on the articles on your blog.

Jamie Anne

as a Filipino, i've always wondered and mostly resented the fact that our cuisine isn't known... if only that, more often than not, it gets dissed as being only second-rate rip-offs from other cuisines, such as Chinese, Malaysian and Spanish.
your answer to the question "why hasn't filipino cuisine achieved global acknowledgment" was that hawker foods aren't accessible or very appealing, to which i mostly agree.
we don't really have peddlers with carts loaded with goodies and good "carienderias" are hard to find hidden amidst the never-ending string of fast-food chains...
but they are however present, certainly.
it's a little more daunting to hunt down in MetroManila, but they're there.
like the Sunday Market at the Lung Center in Quezon City, MetroManila.
and you're so right about our tourism.
we're terrible at promoting ourselves and don't make it easy for foreigners to get a glimpse of what true filipino life and cuisine is like.
so people not only flee Manila, they don't bother going anywhere else than Boracay or Palawan. they miss out on all the other parts of Luzon, such as Vigan or Quezon...
speaking of which, i will do just what i preach and promote a culinary tour i've been on four times already and still never get tired of.... ah, if that's okay to do...
Kulinarya Tagala is a culinary tour that brings you all around the Quezon province. the guide, Tina Decal, was Quezon-raised and personally scouted out all the places she lets you sample delicious cuisines at...
i would love to read an article about it if ever that happens...
it's honest to goodness filipino food with a flare, both restaurant and hawker, not the bleached down to accommodate foreign palates in the least, which is what i'm immensely proud of.
anyway, thank you again for always making our cuisine known as much as possible. you guys are simply awesome and it's real nice to have a face to put on the words and photographs...
take care!

p.s sorry this was long. ha.

marc medina

"Filipinos are very picky--a Kapampangan, for instance, would probably turn his nose up at Abe..."

are we, like, referring to someone we KNOW???


Thanks Joey!

Jennifer - so where's the fortune? :-)

Hi Barbara - thanks for reading.

Jamie Anne - thanks for the tip, will keep in mind for our next trip to the PHI.

Hey Marc - well, if the shoe fits....

marc medina

whatever. drop me a line when you get back to KL...

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