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Does the vendor use water from the local well to make her noodles? Or is that an old school myth? Either way, her creation looks niiiice!


Cao Lau looks wonderful and would taste great in the Michigan Winter Wonderland we are experiencing right now. Sleet and frozing rain in a few hours, even my dogs will not go outside; unless I throw out some carrots into the yard. :>


Lookit all that meat--
That's the most abundant Cao Lau I've ever seen.

I think the well story might have been true at one time, but probably not really anymore, at least for most purveyors.
Not certain, though.


I recognize that vendor from when I was there last year - it's great to see that they're still in business.

It is such a strange divide between tourist food and local food in Hoi An. I can't really think of many places where the division is as stark.


Was it just my imagination or doesn't cao lau have julienned strips of rau muong or water spinach as part of the fresh greens? When I was there, I didn't eat at the stalls but at a shop, you know for the so-called squeamish, and I loved the cao lau there. The julienned rau muong, noodles and broth were the best parts for me. Anyone have a good recipe for it that they can share?

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thank you so much for all the detail, we found the stall and the cao lau was delicious.

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She's still there, still serving Cao Lầu, and it's still great!



I am now besotted with Hanoi bun cha and am dreading living in a place that doesn't have it, because of you! :-)

Am going to hunt down this woman in Hoi An...



She's still there and still awesome, however she has a new sign!


My fab cap lau was by the Japanese bridge - the last vendor on the river before you cross the plank to go along the river


I ate at this same vendor's stall in 2005... I wish I could find this great dish in the myriad of Vietnamese restaurants here in Houston. I went to Hoi An to stay for 2 nights, ended up staying a week. Such a beautiful town, beautiful people, & great food

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