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Oh, so that's how it's done. I'm still not desensitized to seeing carcasses, but I'm working on it.

Liuzhou Laowai

Great post. Thanks.


If this post won't convince my lechón loving Spanish husband to visit the Phillipines I don't know what will. Thank you for posting this, I've been working on a trip there for the longest time. Looks so delicious!


Fascinating! I wonder what they used before there was 7-Up?


Your lovely post reminded of my times in Valencia, Bukidnon. I was invited to a businessman's home for Lechon Baboy. They Mindanowans really know how to celebrate.


Gastronomer - I understand. It took me a while to get there. I don't think I'll ever be ready to witness a slaughter.

LL- Thanks!

globalgal - ohmygoodnes, a Spanish man who won't visit the Philippines? Is he aware of the (Christian) Philippine love affair with pork in all incarnations?

Kitt - good question! Maybe nothing. This BTW is a good example of Filipino culinary innovation with foods/drinks introduced by the Americans. And not a specifically Mindanao innovation (the 7-Up), btw.

Hi Chin - yes, we got that feeling. Though after our night in Saigon I would generalize that a bit to say that Filipinos of all origins really know how to celebrate!


Every time I visit here, I am struck by the quality of what you do-to me this must be THE best food blog around! Thanks!


Now I have a good conversation starter for Christmas Eve. Most of my husband family is from Mindanao and they love Lechon. I have only had Lechon twice, both times in Michigan and cooked by different people. Both times, the Lechon did not really taste like anything. I bet the pig was not seasoned properly or maybe the 7up really does the trick. Good Ole High Fructose Corn Syrup will always save the day.


BTW, Robyn. You are missing one heck of a winter storm, here in the mitten state. We got about 12 inches in 20 hours. You miss it, I know you do.

Wishing yous guys a super Christmas.


Hi Ilva - thanks very much for the kind words. Happy Holidays!

Life - if the lechon did not taste like much seasoning may be to blame ... but I bet it also has to do with where the pig comes from. It's really hard to find pork in the US that tastes like anything. We've bred all the fat (and goodness) out of our pigs, unfortunately. My mother will no longer make her famous pork roast - says it's not worth it bec. she can't find good pork anymore.
Snow? You bet I miss it. (NOT!) ;-0

heidi leon

mmm... I'm not meat lover, specially pork, but that looks good (without considering the whole "rustic" process).

Funny the note globalgag wrote about Seven up. In my country (Mexico) we have a dish, daily family dish, not fancy at all: Cerdo a la coca cola (Pig loin in coke!!). Mexicans adore Coke (the soft drink not the "other" coke!). I'm sure that dish was created because of the coke, not sure about Lechon with Seven up.

btw, first timer in you blog guys and I love it. I'l keep coming back for more!

saludos from Shanghai


This is probably one of those things that makes it to the "Only In The Philippines" list. Flying an entire lechon cross-country. I understand it's a common occurrence. I've never been to Mindanao though, but I love the Cebu Style Lechon with liver sauce. We have a good one here in Manila.

Cooking with sodas is rather common here. We do a sticky Chinese-style Pork Leg Adobo with Sprite or Seven-Up. I also cook shrimps simply stir fried with ginger, garlic and a splash of whatever soda is available.

Marc Medina

Hi Robyn

Thanks for the post! I'm getting really hungry just reading it from freezing Oxford. The 7-Up I believe is to make the skin crisp (which it should've been, actually, if the lechon we ate at my uncle's house had not been sitting on the table wrapped up in paper for long). In Arayat, my dad's old lechonero actually used to pour gin (one bottle for the pig, the other bottle for himself while roasting the pig).

But you're definitely right. In Butuan the real show-stealer are the ribs, and that layer of skin/fat lining the belly. And you're definitely also right about those Filipino musicians and performers. Even in London.

Happy Holidays!


Awesome post. here in Germany they also roast a whole pig for backyard feasts but they only seem to season it with paprika, salt and pepper, plus a few herbs. Nothing beats lechon, filipino style, especially enjoyed communally over the holidays. Ahh, what I'd give to be back home for the holidays. Still, lechon is also enjoyed throughout the year, so I'm sure my lechon will be ready and waiting as soon as my plane touches down in Cebu in March. Thanks for letting me vicariously enjoy lechon with you and Dave.


Wonderful post Robyn, just wanted to wish you a wonderful holiday season and exciting New Year...


Heidi - welcome! You are in our old stomping grounds. We lived in Shanghai back when it was more of a giant construction site than a city. Have some xiaolong bao for us! Cerdo a la coca cola - interesting!

kayenne - yes, I got that impression, that there are a few Filipino dishes cooked with cola. And flying a whole lechon cross-country ... definately an only-in-the-PHI thing!

Marc, same to you. I really do believe those Mindanao lechon are the best we've ever had ....

shimmer - the thoughts of Cebu lechon in March will get you through these coming cold winter months. Happy Holidays!

Marketman - same to you and yours. The New Year does look to be pretty exciting, in fact.... Cheers.


I woke up this New Year's morning and missed lechon so much.. this post was such a nice treat to read! Have never had the lechon from Mindanao, but will have to try it next time I'm back in the Philippines...

Roland P. Panares

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Hmmm.... I never heard Batilan Lechon House before, the lechon there looks so yummy. Wish I can go there some other time to personally taste it. Anyway, thanks for sharing!


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Wish I could go there too and taste your lechon. How is it different with Cebu lechon?

Roland Panares

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It seems it is a waste to ignore the skin . to me the crispy skin is the highlight of eating lechon. I do lechon in the States and our caucasiaan guest as well as filipinos goes for the skin first then the delicious tender meat especially the ribs.this is regional preference. J. e. delfinado

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