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Wouldn't it be pho-natics? -X


I have read this blog entry a few times and really wish there was a way for me to be transported to Viet Nam during my kids nap(of course with a babysitter!) Michigan has been hit with a winter weather storm twice in one week. Last night with the with the wind chill, it was -28F below zero. I am clicking my red slippers as I type. I want Pho, I want Pho, I want Pho.


Xander - argh, that's what I meant to write - phonatics. Good eye! And Merry Christmas!

Life - sorry, I don't think even a bowl of Hoi An pho can help you now. I say, give in to the mean season and cook up a pot of chili. Or something like that...


Amazing pho. Can never go wrong with this soup.


Diana Nguyen

yummmmm pho!!!


Doesn't anyone get squeamish at the thought of eating raw beef? I know it is doused with hot broth, but that won't kill most of the freeloaders! Don't get me wrong, I love pho, but I got used to the restaurant version served outside of Vietnam.


Been to Hoi An several times but I have never tried this before. Gotta try this one next time.

Allan, wonder when the beef is well-cooked, it can also kill the mad cow thingy?


This soup is delicious. What a great post! Another great vendor/restaurant on the cheap in Hoi An is Pho Xua at 35A Phan Chau Trinh.

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