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Thanks Robyn, very interesting. I guess since white rice tofu is available you can have the warm gloop before it sets. Still mostly confined to the Shan states, it makes a delicious salad after it's set and sliced and prepared the same way as the yellow kind, but never had it otherwise. Different taste from the yellow stuff which I myself prefer.

Yellow split pea, more labour-intensive Shan recipe (even they cheat nowadays with gram flour), has a better slightly more jelly like colour and texture though still firm and won't crumble, and tastes the same to me.

Yellow tofu lends itself to more variations - gloop, fried rectangles often scored, fried triangles (traditional Shan "hnapyan jaw" or 'twice fried' in Burmese), separately, any or all added to the tofu salad or rice noodles/vermicelli whatever you fancy on the day. Thank my lucky star for having been born Burmese everyday.

The donuts are like most Asian food best hot off the wok. Yes, you can drizzle the molasses if you like. I've grown up eating coconut and palm jaggery one in each hand; they go together really well.


Hi Robyn,

It's seen as "Burmese" by most people in Burma and seen as "Burmese" Shan / as opposed to Yunnanese Shan by the Shan in Burma.

ie much the same way that laab and som tam are seen as "Thai" when they're actually Lao in origin or at best Lanna Tai.

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