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Mae Chaem is indeed a quiet, but pleasant town. I hope you visited Wat Paa Daet, an old wooden Buddhist temple just outside town, which has one of the north's most fascinating examples of Buddhist folk art in its murals. In particular, the murals include the image of a woman giving birth the traditional northern Thai way (hanging from a branch with her hands bound!).

Incidentally, the pic of the woman sleeping is kinda funny in, I'm assuming anyway, an unintentional way. The sign says 'khwaay', which literally means buffalo, but which colloquially means 'stupid', and in this case appears to be a comment on the woman...


oh my god, that pic is gorgeous Robyn! I'm going to have it on my desktop for day dreaming!


This post just took me on a little trip to Thailand. Thank you! If only I could have tasted some of that food.


Austin - We did indeed. And yes - completely unintentional.

Hi Michelle - Credit goes to Dave (the photographer). If you handed me a camera I wouldn't know what to do with it.

Lili - Thank you. It's a pretty neat little town.

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