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Andrea Nguyen

It's been -- gulp -- over 15 years since I've been to Chiang Mai. Glad to see that the "Dress Polite" signage is still around and the lovely food too. Thanks for the reminder of the town/city's charms and for the updated info.

mary shaposhnik

The photo and text of your description of the green curry were perfectly synchronized--I saw the photo and before I even got to your words, I was imagining the pop of pea eggplants and could taste that basil. And then I read on that that was exactly what stood out here... you all are a great team.

Out of curiosity, why do you think the insistence on preparing pak beung just a certain way? Nothing against it at all--perhaps they think that the fermented soy can bury the taste, or they are just cooks who say, "this is how we do it?" I just find it cute that they won't... but then, given the rules and dress code (such as it is), sounds like a place with a firm sense of itself.

Great suggestions. Three cheers for your prim aunty-looking chowhound.


Wow. Butterflied and deboned pla-too ... Brilliant. It's been ages since I last had pla-too with nam pril kapi and all the trimmings.

The foods on their menu (at least the ones featured here) seem Central, though. Are they known for (or do they offer) traditional northern dishes?


I typed "malay cuisine" in google and found your blog. That was two days ago, and I could not stop reading it. Luckely, I don't have anything to do at my work, so I can read it all day long, and that is realy, what i did in two days. I mailed the link to my home computer, so I could read it further. Also, my mouth has been watering all the time.

I love asian food and your blog is almost too good to be true. I'm visiting Singapore, Bali and Thailand in May and June and now I'm even more excited to go.

That green curry looks delicious and it makes me lough at myself, because when I first orderd a green curry in a Bangkok restaurant, I wasn't shore which things could be eaten and which not, because I realy didn't want to get sick, having my firs thai dish. So I remember picking the small hard green balls out :)
I asked the waiter what this was and if it could be eaten, but I think he didn't understand my question, so I wasn't relying on his answer. And a few meals later, when I got my answer, I couldn't get enough of everything in green curry and the been egplants are my favorite now :)

I am very happy to have found your blog,

have a nice day!


wow this is some of the similar stuff i ate growing up in vietnam. you doing this to taunt me :) making me appreciate what i didn't in the past.
you did it again,you write about food that as naturally any southeast asian would have in their lifetime. if i had a million bucks, i'll arrange for the next flight over and have the exact food you ate on this post.


Oh Andrea, I wonder if the changes would be too much for you. More buildings, sprawl at city's edges, ring roads, traffic ... but somehow (in my opinion anyway) Chiang Mai has managed to maintain a certain bit of charm. I like it very much.

Hi Mary - Thanks. As for the pak beung, not sure. Wish we could have pictured the sisters - they are prim, super neat ... if you saw them you'd know that they're not going to be running a restaurant that caters to customers' whims. And there's minimal cooking there ... most everything's done in advance. Frankly I wouldn't be surprised if it's because they don't want to stink up their pristine restaurant with chili fumes!
As for our chowhound - she's a gem.

Leela - Yes, wonderful isn't it, the deboned and butterflied fish? Detail, detail. These ladies pay attention to the last one.
No northern food here - it's all central. This was the only non-northern meal we ate in 2.5 wks but if I only had 1 day in CM I'd take one of my meals here.

Hi Ana - Welcome. (Hope your boss doesn't know about your new obsession!). A good green curry is really a wonderful thing, isn't it? Enjoy your travels in June!

eastingfeasting - thanks for the compliment! I've said it before - we are not Asians but we certainly can eat like Asians... Sometimes it takes an 'outsider' to make you appreciate what you've always taken for granted. That applies to me as an American, as well.


Really enjoying seeing your photos and reading about your adventures up north. I've done the overnight train to CM, but have never driven it..one of these days. The traffic in CM has really gotten insane over the past few years, but it's still a very nice place.



Wonderful post guys. I'll have to head up to Chiang Mai very soon and eat my way around town. I've lots to share on the food here in Goa, but I'm saving it for the new blog. Though I'm knee-deep in delicious Goan choricos and fish curries, this post really makes me want to get back to Thailand. Immediately.


Dboy - all depends on your perspective, I suppose. CM roads are a dream compared to BKK's. A note on that - because of traffic issues the CM city govt is considering widening 35 roads in the Old Town area. It would totally destroy CM's character. IMO Thailand doesn't need another BKK (as much as I love BKK).

Thanks Jarrett - really looking forward to your Goan food tales. It's rarely the food there that gets attention in the press...

Thai Green Curry

Hi everyone

I like the curry and the soy chicken, pictures are nice. I haven't seen that type of fish in a menu here before.

The picture say "please dress politely" is funny.

Jane W

Chili ~ Lime ~ Garlic

First time we went there, recommended by a doctor who's lived here for over 15 yrs, I couldn't get in because I was wearing a sleeveless shirt. They certainly gave me a dirty look as well. Not to worry. I have returned since, properly dressed. YES, awesome food there.

Robyn, It would be lovely to meet up for dinner or lunch sometime.

Cheers from Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Hungry Lemur

You're adding to my list of places to eat in Chiang Mai. I wish I was going to be there for more than a couple of days now!

Funnily enough, the best green curry I ever ate was in Spain. The restaurant grew everything themselves including herbs and aromatics. I realised how much of a difference absolute freshness makes.

Chili ~ Lime ~ Garlic

By the way, the hours have changed. They are opened until 1pm for lunch. Reopen for dinner from 5-7.


Went this evening. Divine!

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