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Wendy Hutton

If you find a source, please share it with us all. The situation is even more dire in
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, and we have to bring back decent coffee every time we travel overseas. The popular locally grown coffee from Tenom is made from Robusta beans, and as we all know, you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

noble pig

Wow, I'm no help but as a fellow lover of coffee I sure hope you find what you are looking for. And soon.

Aussie Tourist

Enjoy your blog. I love my coffee.I am in Perth. I order from these guys who are the best and passionate about their coffee. They also supply cafes in Melbourne. Have a look and maybe email them. It will cost you more but you would not regret it. The only problem is getting the coffee within its best time, that is less than 2 weeks after roasting.



We buy Sumatran coffee at outrageous prices. I suppose there should be some of it in KL?


you can try Toh Soon Cafe from Campbell Street, Penang...they blend & roast they're own beans...don't know from which country they're from...family secret:-)


Try Coffee Ritual at 35, Jalan 14/20, section 14, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

We have some selection of single origin coffee. Please check-out our website at http://www.coffeeritual.com for location map. Also check-out the following link http://kfchan.wordpress.com/2009/03/22/coffee-ritual-the-3rd-coffee-lovers-gathering/

Hope to see you there. Thanks.


KF Chan

Hi All,

Noblepig is right. Fivesenses Coffee is one of the best I've ever tried. But bring them in from Australia is expensive, about RM50 per 250g.



Try the coffee at Cafe Passione at Hartamas Shopping Centre - strong and smooth. It's really delicious. They also sell beans.

But frankly, I would recommend the Nespresso system for a hassle-free cup of coffee anytime.


Eurasian Sensation

Personally I'm no authority on coffee (give me a kopi tarek anytime), but my KL-based and coffee-obsessed significant other swears by a place called iKopi (Jln Panggong, just off Petaling St). It's a really groovy little place that does syphon coffee at your table.


We just moved here to KL and tried Typica Coffee in Shaw Parade. (As a sidenote, my husband and I used to order Counter Culture coffee when we were in the States for our espresso, which we absolutely loved mainly because they wouldn't roast it until you placed your order. Typica makes a solid cup, although it's pricey. Also, when we purchased the espresso roast instead of one of their single-origin blends, the shop person just pulled out three of their single origin blends and mixed them together, then charged us RM10 more.) When we pushed her on the issue, she said the additional charge was for her "blending." I think we'll be sticking to the single origins from now on.


Eurasian Sensation - yes, the coffee at ikopi is excellent. Both the siphon and ice drip.

biscuitwheels - I agree, Typica serves a pricey cup -- it's not for every day. Then again a well-made espresso beverage from a small cafe (not Starbucks) will set you back as well. I'm pretty sure that all of Typica's prices are listed on the menu ... I doubt that they were trying to put anything over on you regarding blending cost.



That's very true -- espresso is a pricey addiction! I agree with you that they weren't trying to put anything over on us, it was just that she "blended" the espresso right in front of us, which removed some of the mystery and made the extra RM10 seem unnecessary. Plus, we've tried the Sumatran single-origin there now and really love it! Thanks!

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